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  1. But apparently she is in talks to come back...idk sounds like she had fame or something go to her head.

    BEG single is very Brit Pop to me to a degree and I like it :}

    I wish I could say I was more into the Chinese/Taiwanese music scene so I would of heard of HIT5 but the groups I know about are "older" or solo acts and the only one I constantly listen to isn't really a girl or boy group. F.I.R.

  2. XD

    I'm currently stuck on 2PM and 2NE1. I just got past Wonder Girls. -sigh-


    There's so much to keep up with.

    -is listening to Angel by 2PM as he types this-


    And to be honest, T.O.P.'s not even my favorite in Big Bang (He's second). Taeyang has always kept my attention.


  3. I was at the JE panel. One of the like, five guys. I was the one who thought he was the only guy there.


    But, I did enjoy it. It shed light on JE that I never knew before (depsite the fact that I only really listen to Kat-Tun, and even then, Koki is my favorite member. KOKI LOVE ACTIVATE! I'm much more of K-Pop/K-Rock fan.

    -points to his avatar-

    T.O.P. YAY~


  4. Well, I wouldn't mind hanging out with some new guys. Seems like fun times, and it's always nice to meet new people! This would be my third con, really. So I like to think I know what I'm doing. And I'm bringing along a lot of wacky friends, so I'm sure you'll have a good time. :o

  5. Well, most of my cosplays are in my signature, though my friday cosplay may be switched out...

    I'm definitely going to enjoy Saturday the most, considering that Fairy Tail doesn't seem to be that well known here in the U.S, which surprises me greatly, as it's one of the top ten manga in Shonen Jump in Japan...

    If anyone cares, I'll be going as the old-fashioned Loki (A.K.A. Leo the Lion). I just think he looks cooler~

  6. Honestly, there aren't many anime shows out there that I would say shouldn't exist. Simply because of the fact that SOMEONE out there watches it, and SOMEONE out there enjoys it. However, there are some shows that I don't particularly like, and although I will watch them, I won't enjoy them. Mind you I don't watch anime very often, so it's not like my list is that extensive.

    1. Naruto: Now, I know I'm probably going to get eaten alive for this, but honestly, Naruto doesn't appeal to me. I'm a bit of an old-fashioned guy, and when I hear ninjas, I imagine swift, agile Japanese men sneaking through castles trying to assassinate emperors. Not exactly what I got when I saw Naruto. Granted, I did watch until the end of the Chuunin arc, simply because I enjoyed seeing Rock Lee (and to this day, he's one of the only characters I will defend from that show, the others being Shino and Shikamaru).

    2. FLCL: I honestly don't understand the fandom behind this show. It never really appealed to me, and I watched it hundreds of times to try and get an understanding of what's so great about it. And to this day, I just don't see it. Not only that, but I dislike The Pillows as well...not that that has anything to do with me not liking FLCL, but apparently they did a bunch of music for it, and I wasn't too fond of it.

    3. Fullmetal Alchemist (the anime): Again, taking this with a grain of salt, simply because the manga is still ongoing and I haven't exactly gotten caught up... I didn't like the anime from the moment I saw it. I'd read the manga beforehand, and they seemed to cut some of my favorite parts out... It just didn't seem fair.

    4. Code Geass: So, at first I liked the show...that is until I realized that it seems everyone in that show is a super JERK (except Nunally). Outside of that, I think the show is great. The artwork is fantastic, and the storyline is definitely something that should've been done a long time ago.

    5. Blood+: The ONLY reason I watched this show was for the opening and ending songs. The 20 minutes in between were just horrible for me. In truth, I wouldn't have even known about the show if I didn't stay up to watch Trinity Blood (which I absolutely adore, by the way). I just couldn't get into it. It seemed way too depressing and saddening for me to even try to enjoy.

  7. H'okay, so I'm a lazy person...and I was skimming through the Otakon site one day when I realized something kind of strange.

    The RSS feed had disappeared!

    I don't know if this was announced and I missed it, but I liked the fact that Otakon had an RSS Feed, as it gave me quick access to all the information about the con without having to actually go to the site. If I may ask, why was it taken down? And will it be added again anytime in the near future?

  8. Ick.

    Not a fan of the HP movies at all.

    How is it that they made Lovegood look more beautiful than Chang?


    But this isn't the time or place for that. Uhm...there may be a theatre nearby, you'll have to use Google or something to find it though. It IS downtown Baltimore after all.

  9. XD I'm sure the Days Inn (or any hotel for that matter) won't have a 5+ reservation. I just checked...

    Then again, I don't see how they can tell you the limit on your room...

    Like, my girlfriend and I are staying at the Hilton, but I reserved the room for just me. Can they tell me that she's not allowed to stay? There maximum capacity for a room is four right?

    I think the whole "name your guests" thing is confusing and odd.

  10. Okay, so my friend was so amazed by the Masquerade of Otakon '08, he wanted to know if there was any way to purchase a taped version of it...if there isn't, perhaps you should think about adding it for next year?

    Just a thought/question...

  11. Hmm...I'm wondering though, does the guest count actually matter when the rooms are forwarded to the actual hotel? Only because, I'm sure some friends will drop out the day of (happened this year and last year)...and I don't want them to rebuke us in case that happens, since we don't have the correct amount of guests.


  12. Not to sound like a complete idiot (though I probably am)... But what exactly IS Club Otaku? I didn't get a chance to go to Otakon this year, but I did attend the previous year, and haven't heard of this... From the sounds of it, it seems like the reinstated version of Otakon's band night? I just need a little clarification is all.

  13. I'm sure not all the hotels have been added yet but I am particularly keeping an eye out for the Sheraton at the Inner Harbor...when I checked the hotel listings, there were no rooms under that hotel, so perhaps they haven't been added yet. I'm not sure how fast updates are now (but they seem pretty efficient to me), though if anyone gets word of that hotel being added, mind dropping me a line? (I know, it's like a shot in the dark.)

  14. Well, all things considered, I think I have enough money this year to do three cosplays! [ ALL RIGHT! ]

    So far, my decisions are as follows:


    Morning: K` [ King of Fighters ]

    Evening: Keigo [ FLOW ]


    Ichimaru Gin [ BLEACH ]

    We're also doing the STAY AWAY dance, and we're probably going to dress up in Japanese school outfits, so that'll be cool.

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