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  1. I can triple the recommendations however in response to the private commission question...Katie Bair...or some similar name. She does custom wigs, although I think she may be fully booked. However she is seen as a wig guru and has even, through experimentation, mixed up dyes specifically FOR synthetic hair. So maybe you could e-mail her? Here's her website http://www.katiebair.com/wigscharacter.html hope that helps ^^
  2. Well for those who were at the dance/meet last year you may remember the English PS2 Haruhi...that was me ^^ So yeh, plane ticket booked so I'm definitely coming back this year. Now I know the One Piece gang always do a little photoshoot+dinner down at the harbour on the Thursday (although I think it got rained off last year due to that freaky rain) so I figured why can't the SOS Brigade? I'm cosplaying Pirate Haruhi so I'd like to get some shots with the cannons and such then maybe we could get some generally nice shots without anybody worrying about missing anything at the con? Fingers
  3. If all goes to plan and it fits in the suitcase I should be able to do Marianne Vi Britannia ^^ not sure what days though...I think I'm doing Pirate Haruhi Suzumiya on Friday...should we have a Code Geass photoshoot on Saturday maybe?
  4. I was the PS2 Haruhi cosplay on Friday from England for those who may recognise/know/remember me and although it's not garantueed that I can come out to America for Otakon next year I'm gunna damn well try. And I'd like to see a really big...and DIVERSE...Haruhi group. Now I know we had a big group this year and yay to everyone who turned up to the 3 o'clock dance by the fountains. I mean we had Space Commander versions, my PS2, generic school uniform, cheerleaders......but that's only a FRACTION of what Haruhi cosplayers can do. So come on people, we've got a year....let's try and g
  5. Me and my boyfriend (if we can get the money together to fly from England to Otakon) are planning on doing Nurse Angie and Derek Styles cosplay from the Wii version of the game Trauma Centre. Any other Trauma centre fans who want photos or other Trauma Centre cosplayers? Any other nurses (e.g. Nurse Joy from pokemon?) I was thinking we could get a whole pile of nurses together maybe
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