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  1. Oh, you mean the Cosplay Coordination program. The staffers are still working on that as they lay out the floor plan. Shouldn't be long though before they annouce something.
  2. Whelp hons, the fare increase & service cuts have been approved by the metro board, with more possible in 2018! WTOP article These changes are active from July 1.
  3. Developing: D.C. Metro should be voting on a new budget on March 23. If approved, this will increase rail & bus fares, and reduce/eliminate some service! Details from WTOP Radio Latest developments Please be aware that those planning to use metro may berry well be affected by this plan, and not in a good way.
  4. From WTOP: Some interesting developments regarding TOLL roads on VA Interstates.
  5. This thread will contain any important route changes or diversions, as well as important info for those moving around the D.C. Convention Center. To start, those in & around Penn Quarter & Chinatown should note that parking meters there have changed to the performance-based model, as per a pilot program which a few other areas of D.C. are using as well. Those rates are in the rinku below. Report from WTOP Radio More to come.
  6. Wellll, that's because this 'Matsuri is run by different people (ACJ, Japanese labels), and even at the 'Expo they charge an additional TOLL to get in on top of registering for the con. Of course this doesn't mean the Otakorp themselves won't bring in other musical acts separate from the 'Matsuri which only a membership alone will suffice.
  7. Oooo, I will second that request! Actually, he could be a good fit for the Thursday Matsuri.
  8. It'd also be nice if you could add a rinku to here BBS on the new DCOtakon website, please. Otherwise, the new look is nice yes.
  9. I think a lot of us goers are doing that, or intend to. If you don't mind walking, there are plenty of decent low-priced eats around the Conv. Ctr., a couple of grocery stores as well, plus the nearby Verizon Center (which you should walk to instead of taking METRO to save $) has a bunch of nice eats too.
  10. I've heard some decent things out of the Jersey one, so like the AniMore I'm cautiously optimistic about it. BTW, the AniMore Con had about a thousand go there, including myself. Not a bad little con, with plenty of room & potential to grow I think.
  11. I actually did that a couple times in past Otakons.
  12. That's a great tip. Some Otakon goers are camera shy, and that goes for both photos & TV cameras. Please respect that during the Otakon.
  13. I do remember the JDF panel. If my memories were right, there was NOT supposed to be a room clear for that panel, even though some of the Otakon staffers had thought otherwise. My experience is that they really do stick to just clearing the rooms only when scheduled, and not impromptu. More, some panels that they once had a room clear for do not anymore...but that's coming from someone who's had more than a decade of convention adventures.
  14. Ooo, I almost left out a PROTIP, do read that SCHEDULE berry carefully. At the Otakon, panel & screening rooms are NOT cleared between programs, unless otherwise posted on the final schedule. The workshop rooms are more often cleared between workshops, especially before those expecting fuller attendance. Lolita [fashion]-based workshops most definitely.
  15. Since this 23rd Otakon is the LAST meeting up here at the BCC [for a few years at least], some of what I'm about to tell you may not apply to the 24th Otakon when it moves down the PARKWAY. Outside of the standard keeping hydrated, and eating plenty of meals, and maintaining good hygiene, and here are a few of my tips for convention debutantes: Plan your weekend out in advance, it's going to save you a LOT of time & agony during the con. The SCHEDULE here on this website and on the Guidebook can be a priceless tool so that you won't miss that screening, or guest panel, or etc. Also keep in mind there may be LATE changes or scratches, and those will be updated online, and at the info kiosks. There seems to be a change in behavior nowadays with the Thursday early badge pick-up line. The line actually gets much BIGGER as the day get longer. If you can take advantage of the mail-in option during Pre-Registration, that can also save you a lot of time & agony waiting in that line and/or the Friday Pre-Reg line. I say this with the caveat that they have been having some technical issues on Thursday's early badge pick-up, and that contributed to the line crawling like westside Beltway traffic. You may cosplay or crossplay, but cosplay or crossplay responsibly. Also keep in mind that cosplay DOES NOT EQUAL consent. If you feel threatened in any way, do not hesitate to report this to the convention staff. Familiarize yourself with the anime properties that's getting a lot of attention, especially those for this year, and the 3rd quarter (summer 2016), so that you won't feel left out. The con essentially has TWO areas where stopping is highly discouraged: The 3rd floor overpass over Sharp St, and the bridge between the Conv. Center & Hilton (especially the steps/elevator). If stepping outside the con for a while, try not to wander too far off. Some parts of the city are still troubled with dangerous creatures, and it's best you avoid those if possible. One last thing for now--the Industry Panels, those should be high on any debutante's list becuase you will get to see what anime are out there for purchase and/or streaming, as well as find out first those ever popular license announces of new anime (or classic anime in some cases). There's plenty more tips for debutantes on the newbies guide of the Otakon website. I hope you enjoy your first Otakon, and make it a super sparkly weekend.