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  1. Otakon 2017 Cosplay Pictures

    I'm late! I'm late! I'm late for an important date! Well, late to the thread but here are my dozens & dozens of fotos I took from the 24th Otakon! Please ASK before reposting / resharing. FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY Have a super sparkly day.
  2. Number of attendees?

    per FB post: 24,894!?!? That's notably less that I imagined!
  3. I can testify in support of this, I was on the MARC train just leaving Union Station when the storm hit, and it was real nasty. The train was swaying a bit more than due to the high winds. On the radio they issued flash flood warnings for DC, and in addition to the roof leak being mentioned, there were water rescues as well. Meanwhile in Glen Burnie, that same storm knocked out power at my house, and it didn't get restored until before noon Sunday!
  4. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    I second bringing Moni-Chan back. I also hope they can finally bring Colleen Clickenbeard over again (though they almost did a few Otakons ago). Here's an interesting guest request, how about having back some of the "outside" guests, those that were brought in based on that year's theme (e.g. Ray Villard in 2014 when the theme was SPACE). That could be a pretty fun way to look back at all the great people that hace entertained Otakon goers over the years.
  5. Food Recommendation Thread!

    Whoa, makes me glad I went to the Bojangles at Union Station ($7 for a 2 pc. meal) on the way home Saturday. Disclaimer: got a full lunch from Safeway that morning for about $7 w/club card.
  6. Swag!

    Didn't get much, well let me rephrase that. I 'stretched those bills' given the Otafund I set for myself (had to save some for the MD State Fair). Half was bought, half was both giveaways or stuff won at panels (Yes, Heihei & I were lucky all weekend). That said, got a couple movies from the Discotek booth, Project A-Ko, and Little Nemo Blu-Ray. I could've bought more anime, but decided to wait til another day. Also bought Heihei & my other plushies a new friend--a Hestia plushie! Of course, had to get the obligatory Otakon T-Shirt, but that wasn't the only one I acquired. Was bummed when they ran out of the Deku POP figs, so I settled on Tenya and I'm not regretting it. I got a couple a new key charms, an Emilia, and an Umaru.
  7. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    I don't think I attended a poor panel this Otakon. The Life & Works of Satoshi Kon (Joined in Progress): Pretty good IMO. Featured presenter Aaron Clark talked in concise detail about his projects, and that other one he never got to finish (which is an interesting tale in itself). The Sentai Filmworks Panel: It was either this or The ANIPLEX USA Panel, I went to Sentai's for obvious reasons, and I'm glad I did. Carolyn & Aime were the presenters. No brand new announces, though the No Game No Life movie was supposed to have been announced there Friday instead of earlier in the week. Also, ever get the feeling more shows get love here than at the Anime Expo? Shinto in Anime: This was Kuniko Kanawa's panel on Friday, and I learned a good deal about the religion from it. She even referenced a couple of obscure shows including Kamichu! (KCU) (Anyone remember that one?), but she also put some focus toward af few of the most popular Studio Ghibli films, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, & Spirited Away. The VIZ Media Panel (JIP): Came into this one right when Charlene Ingram got to the anime portion of the panel. The license announce of Mr. Osomatsu (OSO) was one of the biggest announces all con. Otakorp & You: The Bylaws: As a loyal Otakon goer, this was one of the panels I really wanted to attend. Otakorp, inc. Treasurer Matt Smiechowski gave us what I thought was an intriguing look inside how the non-profit organization operates, and I thought it was nicely done. The Funimation Panel: The one Industry panel a lot of Otakon goers were wating for. The main announce from this one was their November slate, which has a couple of shows I would love to add to my stack of DVDs & Blu-Rays! Also announced was a Blu-Ray release for The Future Diary (TFD), which I personally would recommend. The return of The Lolita Fashion Show: Other than the Sentai panel, I was not going to miss this, so I was twirling in elation when they moved the Sentai panel to the Friday slot. The outfits presented were nothing short of gorgeous. Honestly, they could have fit in a couple more designers if they wanted, but then again I may be reaching. A big congratulations to all those involved. A Mighty Morphin' Panel: This was Tony Oliver's Sunday panel about how one of my all time favorite shows came to be, and it was a really good panel that delievered some new & sometimes hilarious insight. The Discotek Media Panel: The last panel I marked on my schedule was also one of the best. Several announces including Bananya & a 30th Anniversary release of the Robot Carnival!! Mike Toole also borrowed from Charlene by having a few "prize breaks" in between the announces. All in all, I was not disappointed in what I got to see over the weekend.
  8. Washington Area Traffic Advisory

    I did notice that on my way out of the Otakon Saturday (was heading to Union Station for Bojangles & Mary the MARC Train). It must have been a broken down train er something because the storm hadn't hit yet.
  9. Bag check line - bravo *slow clap*

    I did notice that positioning when I got in. The line itself was decent, but the laziness you speak of @deathnote666 is unfortunate.
  10. Washington Area Traffic Advisory

    Those commuting to/from the Baltimore Area (where the BronyCon will be this wknd) will be happy to know Light RailLink service is back to full operations this morn!! All stops between Camden Yards & North Avenue are repoened.
  11. Dealers room map

    The map is finally up this morn, but only thru the Members Only section at this time. What's interesting about their configuration is that the big Industry booths are lined up along the opposite (East) side of Halls B-C, with booth numbers running downward from north to south.
  12. Schedule's up!

    ...but now Danmachi (Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) is in that Sunday morning slot, and I'm not sure if Hestia is bestia for a morning crowd.
  13. The Otakon 2017 Weather Forecast

    Here is the curr. forecast for the 24th Otakon, courtesy Storm Team 4 & WTOP: Thursday - 82/71 and maybe a shower. Friday - 81/70 and maybe a morning shower. Saturday & Sunday - 83/73 and sctd. storms. Monday - 83/70 and remaining unsettled. The long story short is this will be a sharp contrast to the last Otakon weatherwise. Plan accordingly hons.
  14. Washington Area Traffic Advisory

    Here's another advice concerning those using Metro. The Suitland & Branch Ave. stations on the GREEN line will be CLOSED Aug. 5-20 for major improvements. Similar to the Light Rail work up the Parkway in Baltimore, a bus bridge is being implemented. This may affect train frequencies so you may want to pack a few extra mins if you are using Metro.
  15. Arrival Time

    Sounds like a fair strategy, but as @Aresef said, do allow for some extra time getting inside the building, perhaps up to 45 min post 8:30 opening with the added bag check at the door. You may also want to have a water er two with you just in case.