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  1. CocoFaerie

    Otakon 2020 Guest Request Thread

    EARLY GUEST REQUESTS: Japanese: Hirokatsu Kihara, Mai Toda, Folks from WHITE FOX, SUNRISE, and/or KINEMA CITRUS English: Dani Chambers, Morgan Berry, Monica Rial, Bryn Appril, Juliet Simmons, Sarah Wiedenheft, Daman MIlls, Justin Briner, David Matranga, Dan Green, Eric Stuart, Kevin Penkin. EARLY CONCERT REQUEST: fhana, Tatsuro Yamashita.
  2. CocoFaerie

    Otakon Panel Feedback 2019

    I only looked into two fan panels all Otakon, and four Industry panels. THE ANIME TRANSFORMATION APPRECIATON STATION: This was Champion JK's panel, and one of the first of the con. It nearly filled the room, which impressed me. As for content, it was berry much everything I hoped it would be, as he went thru some of the coolest of such sequences in all anime. MOON PRISM POWER MAKE-UP! A GUIDE TO TRANSGENDER REPRESENTATION IN ANIME AND OTHER MEDIA: This was the other fan panel high on my radar, and was worth it. I don't recall the presenters, but I liked how they gave a brief history at the beginning before highlighting several charas from anime & otherwise. There were even a few that I didn't know about, and they did a decent job explaining how they were represented. They admitted more could've been added to the presentation, but time constraints. Now to the Industry panels, this faerie's main course. The SENTAI FILMWORKS panel had a couple announces, and stayed true to its short & sweet format. I love their sizzle reels. Speaking of sizzle reels, the FUNIMATION, ANIPLEX, and DISCOTEK panels all had one each as well. Sadly no new announces from Funi. Aniplex had two, but the highlight for me was everyone doing the jingle every time it came up. I love that in their panels. Finally, the last of which was the best of which. They blazed thru 12 announces, started with a bang, and got me really hyped for the Kemono Friends dub because of who's playing who. So that's my short panel report for 2019. Maybe I should try to fit in more fan panels next year, maybe even one of yours Viga.
  3. CocoFaerie

    The 2019 Washington Area Travelers Advisory

    Here is an update for Otakon goers planning to use the Metro. Starting from July, there will be a new 3-day unlimited pass, and lowered fares on the 1-day & 7-day passes. The RED and YELLOW lines will also see some increased service. The particulars can be read HERE. Less one month until the 26th Otakon! Make sure you have a plan in place, and perhaps an alternative route or two just in case.
  4. CocoFaerie

    The 2019 Washington Area Travelers Advisory

    Also this summer, Maryland MTA fares will be going up again, as prescribed in the 2013 law that increases BOTH gas taxes & public transportation fares relative to inflation. NEW Rates
  5. CocoFaerie

    The 2019 Washington Area Travelers Advisory

    ...and that's why I didn't post this sooner. There was no telling how long the FREE rides would last, which is why I was reluctant to mention it in this thread. Personally, I was expecting it to only last thru the remainder of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Still, this is a story to keep tabs on just in case.
  6. CocoFaerie

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    NEW guest announces are planned this week, but I would also <3 to see Rachel Lillis come to the con! Same can be said for Nathan Sharp, he's pretty cool.
  7. CocoFaerie

    The 2019 Washington Area Travelers Advisory

    A NOTICE for some Otakon goers, the BLUE / YELLOW line will be CLOSED south of the Reagan National Airport station from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This is part of a three-year project that will eventually see platform rebuilds at EVERY outdoor platform in the system. Story from NEWS4
  8. CocoFaerie

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Erika Harlacher is a nice get for this year! Also, I wouldn't mind either of those VA you mentioned (Kayli MIlls, Megan Shipman) come as well.
  9. CocoFaerie

    The 2019 Washington Area Travelers Advisory

    As expected, Metro have voted to maintain the current operating hours. More details in this article.
  10. CocoFaerie

    The 2019 Washington Area Travelers Advisory

    A committee vote by Metro today (3-1) means the system is closer to maintaining its current hours, though it may not be the final decision. Stay tuned hons. WTOP Article
  11. It's back hons! This thread is a place where Otakon goers can stay ahead of any potential troubles getting to or from the 26th Otakon. I'm opening the thread early because the con is a little sooner in 2019, but also because Metro are about to consider one of FOUR different options concerning operating hours. They are: OPTION 1: Maintain current hours (Mon-Thu 5:30a - 11:30pm / Fri 5am - 1am / Sat 7am - 1am / Sun 8am - 11pm) OPTION 2: Revert to pre-2016 hours (Mon-Thu 5am - MIDNIGHT / Fri 5am - 3am / Sat 7am - 3am / Sun 7am - MIDNIGHT) OPTION 3 [Alternative 1]: Reduce weekend morning service, and increase late night service w/weeknight single tracking (Mon-Thu 5:30am - MIDNIGHT / Fri 5:30am - 3am / Sat 9am - 3am / Sun 10:30am - MIDNIGHT) OPTION 4 [Alternative 2]: Add an hour to Fri. & Sat. night and Sun. morn, but also increase weekend single tracking (Mon-Thu 5am -11:30pm / Fri 5am - 2am / Sat 7am - 2am / Sun 7am - 11pm) Each of these options will have an effect on how Otakon goers get around on Metro. More on this story as decisions are made.
  12. CocoFaerie

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    The faerie is making another guest request--Juliet Simmons. She's prolly one of the hottest VAs of late, and would be great to have her over for the 25th Anniversary con.
  13. CocoFaerie

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Oh my goddess, having him do his thing here would be awesome. I've seen some of his shows on the aforementioned YouTube page, and are well done. One game i'd suggest is his take on Farkle.
  14. CocoFaerie

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Musical guest requests: fhana Mia Regina
  15. CocoFaerie

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Because you can never be too early hons. I'm a go ahead on make this thread so we goers can start making guest wishlists for the 26th Otakon. Can we please not crowd this subforum for once? That said, here's my early guest requests: Monica Rial, Colleen Clickenbeard, Sarah Wiedenheft May J. (host of NHK World's J-MELO). Also, I feel that inviting other presenters from that network may add a savory flavor to the Japanese culture side of the convention's overall mission. Also a request to invite some people from the anime studio WHITE FOX. They have made many great shows such as Re:Zero, Part-Timer & Girls Last Tour, and I think it's time Otakon goers get a chance to thank them in person.