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  1. A weapons check I feel is a no-brainer hons, especially at any big D.C. convention. Iffy about the possibility of a bag check. After the JDF scare at the Phoenix Comic-Con (and I'm glad they caught that dog before he could act), I think it ought to be important for ALL such conventions to review their security policies, though it doesn't necessailry mean doing what the Awesome Con is doing. OTOH, one thing that still bothers me a bit is whether the Otakon goers ARE the Otakon goers ID'd on their badge (i.e. the barcode) and/or appropirate badge banners.
  2. Well hons, I think it wouldn't be fair if I didn't say something myself Name: Torrence (sometimes Dorie, since I'm trans) Hometown: Glen Burnie Something Interesting: I've been an loyal Otakon goer since the tenth one (2003), and this will be my fifteenth successive Otakon. To say how much I love you guys is an understatement. To BLX: I happen to volunteer at a library, and am a regular at a LOCAL anime club that meets at another library (not affiliated with the County's own anime club, but still awesome). You'd be surprised how fun it can get with the staffers I work alongside.
  3. It's that time again! This thread is a place where Otakon goers can confirm their presence for 2017. By that, I mean name and town, and at least something about you that we goers should be interested in or to look for during the con. Format: Name (or nickname if you aren't comfortable) Hometown Primary contact info (optional) Something interesting
  4. In the traffic advisory thread, I noted in the reports that effective June 25, the Metro system will CLOSE at 11:30pm Mon-Thu, at 1am Fri-Sat, and at 11pm Sun. Oh, and fares also go up for BOTH Metro & MTA that day too.
  5. Good evening hons. I've been busy on some research on the new location & such, and something hit me today. The Baltimore Convention Center has gender neutral bathrooms along the Howard St. third of that place, while I haven't seen any [as of yet] in the DC one, though a couple of conventions at the WEWCC have adjusted a few during those events. My question is are or will there be gender neutral restrooms in the DC Convention Ctr. come the 24th Otakon? If so, where would they be?
  6. Now wait a minute, wasn't there previous studies & proposals years ago? Sorry, but this is coming from a faerie that thinks the BCC should've been expanded years ago (but city $$$ was wasted elsewhere). I hope this means they finally get the ball rolling on the expansion sooner rather than later.
  7. NEWS 4's Jackie Bensen has a report on new parking meters going up around the National Mall! REPORT The long story short is these meters will be enforced daily beginning June 12, and will cost $2/hr, MAX 3 hrs...oh, and they're going to be the ONLY year-round meters in the District, for now.
  8. Oh, you mean the Cosplay Coordination program. The staffers are still working on that as they lay out the floor plan. Shouldn't be long though before they annouce something.
  9. Whelp hons, the fare increase & service cuts have been approved by the metro board, with more possible in 2018! WTOP article These changes are active from July 1.
  10. Developing: D.C. Metro should be voting on a new budget on March 23. If approved, this will increase rail & bus fares, and reduce/eliminate some service! Details from WTOP Radio Latest developments Please be aware that those planning to use metro may berry well be affected by this plan, and not in a good way.
  11. From WTOP: Some interesting developments regarding TOLL roads on VA Interstates.
  12. This thread will contain any important route changes or diversions, as well as important info for those moving around the D.C. Convention Center. To start, those in & around Penn Quarter & Chinatown should note that parking meters there have changed to the performance-based model, as per a pilot program which a few other areas of D.C. are using as well. Those rates are in the rinku below. Report from WTOP Radio More to come.
  13. Wellll, that's because this 'Matsuri is run by different people (ACJ, Japanese labels), and even at the 'Expo they charge an additional TOLL to get in on top of registering for the con. Of course this doesn't mean the Otakorp themselves won't bring in other musical acts separate from the 'Matsuri which only a membership alone will suffice.
  14. Oooo, I will second that request! Actually, he could be a good fit for the Thursday Matsuri.
  15. I've heard some decent things out of the Jersey one, so like the AniMore I'm cautiously optimistic about it. BTW, the AniMore Con had about a thousand go there, including myself. Not a bad little con, with plenty of room & potential to grow I think.