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  1. CocoFaerie


    I don't like my pics being shared or taken from my albums unless someone asks for a certain pic er two. That's why the disclaimer is there.
  2. CocoFaerie

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Oh my goddess, having him do his thing here would be awesome. I've seen some of his shows on the aforementioned YouTube page, and are well done. One game i'd suggest is his take on Farkle.
  3. CocoFaerie

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Musical guest requests: fhana Mia Regina
  4. CocoFaerie


    Again, my cammie was a real busy bee this Otakon, with again over 200 super sparkly snaps to ogle over! As always with my pictures, NO resharing or downloading without my permission!! FRIDAY Fotos SATURDAY Fotos SUNDAY Fotos
  5. Here are my Good, Bad, and Ugly for 2018: THE GOOD: MORE Otakon goers makes me feel more confident in the con's future. Meeting Josh Grelle. Getting around wasn't as bad as I thought going into the weekend. The addition of the Funimation Lounge, but it wasn't easy to find. The Dragonball N.A. Tour booth was awesome. The Lolita Garden's bigger room. The Lolita Fashion Show was magnifique! It was well done, and well attended. Not going OVER budget in the artist alley & dealers room. The Discotek Panel Sunday continues to be among the best overall panels at the Otakon. One more GOOD, meeting a LOT of my fellow hons, fellow lolitas, brolitas, and oujis, and especially some of you folk from this BBS and the unofficial Otakon Discord chat. THE BAD: The overhanging of the rallies, which fortunately weren't a big deal. The crappy weather, particularily Saturday & Sunday afternoons. As mentioned earlier, the line to get back in the WEWCC Saturday. I was fortunate I didn't try to re-enter thru the Marquis. However, the metered, dual-entry lines seemed to make the wait not as bad as it could be. Still, it's something that ought to be addressed for the 25th Anniversary. No Crunchyroll booth, no VIZ booth, no Japanime Games booth in the Dealers Room (though they did have an official retailer there). Notably less variety in the fan panels this year. That'll change in 2019. WiFi was spotty in some spots, and I got disconnected on occasion when moving across certain areas. THE UGLY: Nothing ugly to report.
  6. CocoFaerie

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Because you can never be too early hons. I'm a go ahead on make this thread so we goers can start making guest wishlists for the 26th Otakon. Can we please not crowd this subforum for once? That said, here's my early guest requests: Monica Rial, Colleen Clickenbeard, Sarah Wiedenheft May J. (host of NHK World's J-MELO). Also, I feel that inviting other presenters from that network may add a savory flavor to the Japanese culture side of the convention's overall mission. Also a request to invite some people from the anime studio WHITE FOX. They have made many great shows such as Re:Zero, Part-Timer & Girls Last Tour, and I think it's time Otakon goers get a chance to thank them in person.
  7. CocoFaerie

    The 2018 Washington Area Travelers Advisory Thread

    I've got another travel advice some of ya might want to know. If you are coming via BWI Marshall Airport, or around Baltimore, the LIght Rail remains shuttered from the Patapsco station SOUTH, due to erosion along the tracks from July's monsoon. There are bus bridges from BWI & Cromwell stations to Patapsco, but this also means delays up here. This bus bridge will remain active thru much of next week at the least, but with additional storms in the forecast, the reopening may come later.
  8. CocoFaerie

    The 2018 Washington Area Travelers Advisory Thread

    I assume you're talking about Sunday. That said, that could be a viable alternative. It's a mulberry bush route, but still doable yes.
  9. CocoFaerie

    The 2018 Washington Area Travelers Advisory Thread

    One more thing, The BLUE ORANGE SILVER line will be CLOSED between Farragut West & Metro Center on Aug 11 & 12, and Aug 25 & 26 for important track work there to address that sharp turn. There will be single tracking between the McPherson Square & Smithsonian stations weekdays from Aug 13-24.
  10. CocoFaerie

    The 2018 Washington Area Travelers Advisory Thread

    Here's an important advice concerning Metro. The Rhode Island Ave & Brookland stations on the RED line will be closed thru Labor Day for major track work! There will be FREE shuttle buses between Fort Totten and Galludet, but do expect delays on the RED line if you're coming to/from Silver Spring or Gaithersburg. The GREEN & YELLOW section of the Fort Totten station is not affected. MORE INFORMATION
  11. They should be back again for 2018. Hopefully something will go up in the coming days on the website or in the Video Gaming subforum of this BBS.
  12. CocoFaerie

    The 2018 Otakon Goer Roll-Call Thread

    As we near the 25th Otakon, it's only appropriate I check in as well. NAME: Dorie HOMETOWN: Glen Burnie, MD # OF OTAKONS ATTENDED: fifteen in succession, this will be sixteen. BONUS: Many great moments over the years, but two dub premieres stick out, which kinda connects guest-wise to this Otakon. The first is the Sgt. Frog DUB premiere in that awesome 16th Otakon (2009). That made me love Todd Haberkorn, even before he became better known as Fairy Tail's Natsu. The other was a three Otakons later, with the Madoka Magica DUB premiere. I didn't get to watch the last episodes they ran for that due to an Industry panel overlapping near the end of the screening, but it blew my mind & redefined what I thought about my favored magical girl genre (for the better, yes.).
  13. CocoFaerie

    The 2018 Washington Area Travelers Advisory Thread

    Look out Otakon goers (well, anyone in general), It's going to cost you more $ to use the likes of Uber, Lyft, etc., as the DC Coouncil passes a 6% tax on ridesharing services. Report from NEWS4
  14. CocoFaerie

    The 2018 Washington Area Travelers Advisory Thread

    Ey! Let's really get back on topic! Those commuting from the Baltimore area now have another way to track their buses & trains with the Transit app. In addition to the improved "text [bus stop ID] to MTAMD", The MTA partnered with the app to help commuters not miss their connections. >DETAILS< There's also another round of bus changes, some of which do affect some key lines. >LIST OF CHANGES< Speaking of connections, some important changes to the buses in Western Anne Arundel County. The route of the Metrobus B30 (BWI Marshall Airport/Greenbelt Sta.) has been amended, and now serves Arundel Mills! Note this this bus still operates on weekdays ONLY, and costs $7.50 a trip. Metro have also made changes to several of its bus routes. >THEIR BUS CHANGES< The RTA meanwhile is reducing service, ceding operations of the 202/K (Odenton MARC/Arundel Mills) to the county, who will operate it as the AA-202. Times and route may be different if you use that one. Also, the 501/Silver (Columbia/BWI Marshall Airport) will be shortened to Columbia/Arundel Mills, because the county has a brand new bus called the County Connector. This FREE shuttle bus connects the airport & MARC/Amtrak station with Arundel Mills. >ROUTE & SCHEDULE< And as always, be aware of weekend track work on the Metro trains in & around the DMV. More updates on this thread as the convention nears. Oooooop, I apperantly missed one more thing. Those riding the MARC train will notice some NEW ticket machines at most locations. These machines are capable of accepting alternative pay options. Here are >MORE INFORMATION< about what these are all about.
  15. CocoFaerie

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    You have no idea how long I've been waiting to see Josh Grelle come to the Otakon. Excite!! Thank you deerly hons!!