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  1. An update regarding Metro, Because of the low ridership due to the virus, there are now plans to start this year's Summer Shutdown sooner. Details follow in the rinku below. Report via WTOP
  2. Metro's board have given their full approval to the new budget, which includes sweeping changes such as fewer routes & in some cases higher fares. Please look over these changes as these may affect your trip to/from the Otakon...whenever it happens. Report via WTOP Also, if taking the ORANGE or SILVER lines, there were new details given conerning that part in this year's Summer Shutdown. Report via WTOP
  3. This is the 2020 edition of the travelers advisory thread for those that will be commuting to the con over the heavily loaded period of July 30 thru August 1. I make this thread to help Otakon goers as much as possible to avoid potential bottlenecks, or not be caught by changes to traffic patterns & transit lines. There may be a whole slew of changes for 2020, so keep an eye on this thread as we get closer to the convention period.
  4. EARLY GUEST REQUESTS: Japanese: Hirokatsu Kihara, Mai Toda, Folks from WHITE FOX, SUNRISE, and/or KINEMA CITRUS English: Dani Chambers, Morgan Berry, Monica Rial, Bryn Appril, Juliet Simmons, Sarah Wiedenheft, Daman MIlls, Justin Briner, David Matranga, Dan Green, Eric Stuart, Kevin Penkin. EARLY CONCERT REQUEST: fhana, Tatsuro Yamashita.
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