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  1. That would be pretty cool.  As I recall, previous incarnations of the OtaMuseum would play past concerts & other videos there.  A programming track like that could work, but my ? would be if the demand & convention space are there to try it.

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  2. This is the 2020 edition of the travelers advisory thread for those that will be commuting to the con over the heavily loaded period of July 30 thru August 1.  I make this thread to help Otakon goers as much as possible to avoid potential bottlenecks, or not be caught by changes to traffic patterns & transit lines.  There may be a whole slew of changes for 2020, so keep an eye on this thread as we get closer to the convention period.

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    Japanese:  Hirokatsu Kihara, Mai Toda, Folks from WHITE FOX, SUNRISE, and/or KINEMA CITRUS
    English:  Dani Chambers, Morgan Berry, Monica Rial, Bryn Appril, Juliet Simmons, Sarah Wiedenheft, Daman MIlls, Justin Briner, David Matranga, Dan Green, Eric Stuart, Kevin Penkin.

    fhana, Tatsuro Yamashita.

  4. Otakon 2015 badge acquire!  The art looks really nice this year.  I also read the special instruction that came with it, about those who already have their badge picking up their program book.  It states that those goers can get them at either the Pratt St. OR Charles St. lobbies.  Is this for Thursday, and if so, what are the hours for this?

  5. We received the first batch of tracking numbers back from the firm today; our volunteer web team staff plan to import the data to our site this evening after they are home from their real life jobs.

    I'm not sure how technical specs of modern computers are relevant; there are some things that just take time.

    We appreciate everyone's patience, in the meantime. Glad to hear they are starting to show up in people's mailboxes.

    Especially that last sentence, and while still anxious down here, I'm a patient faerie, and hearing what I am today seems to be making that patience pay off.  All good things come to those Otakon goers who wait (but not too long).  BTW, have you staffers figured out a plan for mail-in goers to get their programs, NOT via the Thursday line?


    I've been hoping to get the chance to see Schemmel and Sabat at the same con for a while. Now hopefully I can actually make it to Otakon and see their events together, get both of their autographs, etc. A lot of wishful thinking, but the opportunity for any of that is plenty welcome.

    I've never heard of Draft King and it doesn't look like they've done anything in anime, so I probably won't be seeing them unless there's somehow nothing going on at the time.


    Believe it or not, Otakon doesn't ONLY bring folks with ties to anime, nor ONLY giant stars -- we've long brought up-and-coming, or otherwise under-appreciated, acts as well.


    Draft King is *most* of Stereopony, who did what by all accounts was an amazing show in Boston a few years ago -- so we know they can rock the house. But they're relatively new as DraftKing, and the sound is a little different,  so if we can help them get some deserved publicity and attention, all the better. Remember, our mission is at least partly about bringing something new or rare -- sometimes it's huge, hard-to-get, well-established stars; sometimes it's awesome bands you might otherwise miss out on.


    The question to ask is: have we steered you wrong before when it comes to music?

    I hope you'll give them a chance, because these gals ROCK.


    ...and it's that mission that made 2009 my all-favorite Otakon.


    I too can't wait for this next batch of announces, especially those remaining Eng. VA guests you're teasing!  Speaking of which, I want to submit a LATE guest request...Erin Fitzgerald.

  7. I'm just waking up to this announce, and I'm pleasantly shocked!  More, am I right that this is Sean Schemmel's FIRST appearance here at the Otakon?!?!  Wows.  Something tells me getting into those guest panels may require a high enough power level *joke*.


    Since we've gotten quite a few Aldnoah.Zero folks, I wonder it will be possible to bring back Gen Urobuchi for this year.  I think it's very unlikely, but it would be real cool if he got invited to join the Aldnoah folks that got invited, too.


    Urobuchi-san is busy, unfortunately.

    Looks like I might be right about the English cast of Aldnoah.Zero being involved as well, as Sandy Fox is the one English VA confirmed to be in it (including in her bio posted for this). Lex Lang could also be directing it, although it's not uncommon for couples to go to cons together anyway.

    We actually brought Sandy primarily because of her role as Chibi-usa in Sailor Moon. smile.png


    Oh my goddess, I'm elated you guys are bringing Sandy Fox over, and yes, mainly for the reason she voices Chibi-Usa, but also for her impressive resume.


    I was wondering if you guys got any of those "other" guests you teased a couple months back.

  9. I squeed at today's announce.  Now that guy wasn't exactly on my wish list for 2015 (still hoping for Colleen Clickenbeard), but I know a lot of lot of Otakon goers (and non-Otakon goers) that should be just as excited as I am about Mr. Tatum coming for a third time here.


    I'm just as curious as many here about who this seiyuu is, but I keep going back to what Jim said last week.  More guests than you guys can afford?  I understand that given the circumstances, but does that present a good problem or a bad problem to have when it comes to choosing which guests eventually come to the Otakon?


    There are two ways that we get guests.


    There's guests that we get directly, through connections we already have, and guests that are brought to us in collaboration with Aniplex, Funimation, Viz, Sentai, etc.  Those guests are often tied to premieres and screenings and other promotional work, so they are often at least partly supported by marketing budgets. For example, you may notice "appears courtesy of ___" or "thanks to ___ for assistance with this guest" when we announce some guests. That usually indicates that our industry partner has contributed toward the cost of bringing the guest, usually in exchange for the guest doing some stuff to promote a specific show. Though sometimes it's just about putting us in contact with the right people.


    This year we're getting suggestions from quite a few of our industry friends, and in particular on the Japanese side, and we've had to decline a few simply because there isn't budget to support them, or an endless supply of interpreters to help out with them. (In some cases, the company decides to foot the bill and provide the interpreter help themselves.)


    On the US side, I have to decline direct approaches from big name guests every single year, as well as tons of offers for less well known names.  My own contact list includes enough folks to comfortably stock the event for several years with no repeats, and probably a decade if you factor in just our immediate staff. (And then there's Maruyama-san, who seems to know everyone in the industry.)


    Getting guests isn't hte problem; getting the right mix of guests, and affording them, and not just becoming an autograph-a-palooza, is the goal. We don't have endless resources. smile.png


    Well now, I am just waiting for bio and photo on a couple of japanese guests.... one of whom is a seiyu that I think will make people pretty happy. smile.png

    Oooh neat, eagerly waiting! biggrin.png


    Also good question Coco. I also wonder if like whether people potentially getting offended at being snubbed in such a situation is an issue.



    Nope, I don't see it as snubbing.  We deliberately vary the mix every year to have something for everyone, and we rarely have repeats without several years between visits. This is known, and explained every year, to our potential guests. 


    For me, I'm flattered that so many of them want to come back.

    Oh, one little thing.


    Should I do a contest to tease the first musical guest?


    That's some delicious info there.  Oh, and please go ahead with a Guess the Guest contest!

  11. I'm just as curious as many here about who this seiyuu is, but I keep going back to what Jim said last week.  More guests than you guys can afford?  I understand that given the circumstances, but does that present a good problem or a bad problem to have when it comes to choosing which guests eventually come to the Otakon?

  12. Yeah, that's about right. Nobody wants to be the bad guy, but in reality for many of our artist guests, this is a rare chance to spend 3-4 days NOT hunched over a drawing board for 12 hours a day.

    In other news, you folk who watch this space? Might wanna check out our website and social media today. You know, just in case you are looking for something to do around lunchtime....

    No reason.....

    Heh, that's why you are one of the good ones.  All this waiting has been almost as bad as the remodeling of me LOCAL Royal Farms...which still hasn't been finished yet.


    Uuu, has it ever been thought of considering a guest what works in the Japanese media, and by that I mean a news agency like NHK or Fuji News Network?

  13. From what I read that's a fairly accurate explanation why manga-ka are difficult to bring over.  Also, some Industry provided guests are bound by whatever they or their agent(s) agree to with the Industry people, not necessarily with the convention.  It's not like a guest can do just anything while appearing at a convention no, if be sketches, autographs, etc.


    Personally, I'm still skeptical about what moving down the PARKWAY will do regarding autograph lines.

  14. New year, and that means the faerie has her guests to request:


    Rachel Lillis

    Monica Rial

    Maxey Whitehead

    Keith Silverstein


    Ami Koshimizu

    Aya suzaki

    Takuya Sato

    Kyuta Sakai

    Kunihiko Ikuhara <--Really want


    That's all the guests I can think of requesting right now. ;)

  15. I might as well throw my name in the ring...

    Name: Torrence (aka Dorothy, or Dorie)

    Age: 26

    Cosplaying as: None, but I do wear lolita.

    Interests: Anime, TCGs, some VGs, horse racing, maps, fairies, magical girls, LOCAL news.

    Hobbies: Sewing (getting better at it), drawing, TCGs.

    Anything Extra: Careful, I'm quite timid, and can get a bit rattled easily by suspicious persons or whatnot, but otherwise, I like meeting new people and finding treasures! Like K. Sweeley, I have Aspergers, but I'm trying to live life the best I can righ tnow with everything going on internally. See ya this summer!

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