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  1. I lost my bag on Friday night. It had two cameras, all of my merchandise, my ID, my phone, over 100 glowsticks, and over $200 in cash that I was holding for a friend.

    I searched frantically for it; it was not in the hallway that I had lost it in 10 minutes ago. There were too many good things inside of it, how could it have possibly been saved?

    I rushed down to info, they were very helpful and kind, and they got me into the lost and found.

    I went in to find that someone had brought my bag, completely untouched! I was so happy, and I want to thank whoever did that for me.

  2. If we're going old school, then I'm going to have to get Ranma 1/2 out there. My first love... while the older anime is before my time, I had most of the late 80s, early 90s favorites under my belt before I even touched the rest.

    Live action wise, Battle Royale.

    For my own fangirling purposes, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

  3. I'm a hardcore Otacafe fan. I probably spend about 1/3 of the con in there. It's relaxing and fun.

    I will probably sing more, but my ideas are:

    Vanilla - Gackt

    some song by IOSYS

    Zessei Bijin - Ai Nonaka

    SUPER SHOOTER - Rip Slyme

    Attitude - Crystal Kay

    various IDOLM@STER things


    GONG - Jam Project (!!!!!!)

    Hitoshita Jiku Ga Bureteiru - Ken Ohtsuki (it will be fail, but tooooo bad~)

    I'm armed with all of these songs, most of which have a karaoke version. And if not, I'll do something about that...

  4. - Duct tape. You would be surprised at how many uses duct tape can have... basically anywhere, including at cons. One of the many uses include improptu cosplay adjustment. Until I got hold of some sewing supplies, I had half of my poor Hinata jacket held together with duct tape due to some unintentional abuse from the night before.

    - Pens + paper. I'm the type who likes to document my adventures, including autographs, random drawings / journal entries, etc.

    - Two wallets. I keep food money in one wallet and con money in the other to make DAMN certain that I don't "accidentally" spend my food money on that Gravitation bag. Not that I would know from experience or anything...

    - Glow sticks. I've been collecting up glow sticks since November. I'm up to about 30. I'm tempted to sell some... hehehe. For some reason, many Giants and Rite Aids that I've been to recently have had glow sticks. I'm certainly not complaining. Although I've been trying really hard not to bring any of them down to Paradox / Sonar...

    - Sunglasses. I manage to lose about 10 pairs of sunglasses in a summer. My eyes are really light sensitive, and I spend a lot of time walking around Harborplace, so I really do need those. I don't like being blind at Otakon.

    - Rock Stars. Instant energy!!

  5. When on a painful, 100 degree heat walk to Falls Road Carryout to get a snowball, I decided to take a detour down Coldspring Lane. I was appalled to see that at Mobil gas station, the price of regular gas was 3.99.

    Some places, it has already peaked past 4.00.

    My parents were seriously stressing over our utilities bills. Despite using minimal electricity, water, and all else, it was just too much. How are we going to make it through this scorching summer under these conditions?

    I personally have been hanging my laundry up to dry, I'm fixing up my bike as we speak, and I've tried to use the air conditioner as LITTLE as possible.

    What are you doing to get around this?

    Thread name shamelessly stolen from a friend's Facebook group.

  6. Get together with friends around 4:30-5. Take light rail / get ride down to center around 5:00 - 5:30. Line. Stay around the area for an hour or two, socialize. Show up around 7:30 the next morning, after... more likely than not, NO sleep.

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