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  1. I liked that place, but I just go to Subway. Close, fast, easy. Veggie subs are cheap there anyways.
  2. When I was too young to go to Otakon (very bitter time of my life.), I used to just sit around all day and watch cosplayers and talk to the ones of characters that I knew.
  3. My friend who was doing it was wearing a Chrno outfit the first day and she was a loli maid the second.
  4. Thursday is the day that I throw a nonstop spaz fit, do most (if not all) of my Sunday cosplay (and usually end up finishing it in the Otacafe the next morning), make some friends for the con the next day (I joined the Blue Army on Thursday.), and then stay up the entire night before the con, dying everyone's hair until I'm sick of fumes. I like this ritual.
  5. I suggest doing it... well, last year, there was a group doing it in the dealers room, which is a good, high-traffic spot. There was actually a TV set out playing it on loop. It was quite obnoxious. My friend did Hare Hare Yukai for... 2 hours? God. There's a video of it on Youtube.
  6. I live right here in Baltimore, in Hampden. I live near the light rail station, so I'm just going to take it there all three days. I don't really know how I intend to get home, though.
  7. I am going as none other than the sexyfine Parappa The Rapper.
  8. I'm all over this like a fat kid is all over cake.
  9. The how to do parapara panel was rather hectic and should have been made a workshop. It was very fun, though.
  10. alright, that answers my question then! -we're good, hahaha...-
  11. When you say "over 13 years of age", does this mean 18+, or just over the age of 13?
  12. FMA made me cry in the Nina Tucker arc as well as the Hughes arc -sob- Saikano always makes me cry. Always.
  13. I know that it's annoying when people bump threads, but I'd like to know so that we can begin to coordinate it... it's three 13 year olds and a 12 year old... possibly more people, I don't know.
  14. Can thirteen year olds perform in the masquerade unattended to by an 18+ person?
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