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  1. Place I stayed: Residence Inn Inner Harbor/Downtown Number of people in room: 4 Hotel Staff: Hotel staff was VERY polite, helpful and was interested in the convention. Fun to talk to and always were in good spirits. Anything we asked for we received in a timely manner. Walk to the con center: Approx. 5-10mins The bad: -Parking: Hotel parking is valet only at a crunching 28 dollars a day. We ended up finding a better location to park without killing our wallets. -Television: You'd expect a fairly high-end place to have a little better TVs in the room. They were good, but I thi
  2. That hotel is a few miles east of the Harbor and the Convention Center, in an area that's not great but isn't as bad as some parts of B-more. It anchors a large truck stop/ "travel plaza". You shouldn't try to walk to the BCC (too far, and not great neighborhoods), and your best bet is probably a cab.
  3. Does anyone have experience with this Best Western? http://book.bestwestern.com/bestwestern/pr...pertyCode=21035 Myself and a few friends will be staying there, we already have reservations for it. It was the closest hotel that I could find that would not blast all of my con money away. Just wondering if anyone has experience with it and any pros and cons.
  4. Yeah, you Metal Gear guard cosplayers always have OUTSTANDINGLY detailed and well-done cosplays. And you do come the closer to "normal" than any other series that might make one dye their hair an insane color or carry around a freakishly large and strange-looking prop. Hats off to you for being one of the few cosplayers that random people off the street can actually approach. LOL
  5. Depending on what soldier you are going to be really depends on how you can approach it, for example, my Praying Mantis PMC's exclamation point: http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/6108/snuckupkb0.jpg This is a candid shot I found online of me at Ohayocon 2008. (I have no idea who took the picture and I do not recall it being taken, haha, but it could have been someone curious how I did the exclamation point and wanted to take a picture of how I did it) The idea came from a friend of mine who made the two exclamation points and was kind enough to give me one. All he did was use s
  6. Alright, first of all, I know that this thread is ancient. But I'd rather update it than make a new one. So, moderators, forgive me. Some information is up about the Metal Gear Solid gathering, we plan on having two gatherings, one on Friday and one on Saturday. Currently Saturday's information is up. I believe we will again be having a joint operation gathering with the Resident Evil cosplayers on Friday, but I'm not 100% sure and I will update when I get that information. We already have a very large amount of interest (probably due to MGS4's release ) Including a whole load
  7. I find it odd that a lot of the food places are disappearing from the general area, is there some sort of business decline? Or are all the food places starting to pop up more around the stadiums rather than the inner harbor and the convention center area?
  8. Oh, how I love the reactions that I get. They're always a mixed bag and I love it. The public's reaction is one of the things I am usually excited for each Otakon. It's not near the top, but it's certainly on the list. While I had plenty of experiences with Yankee fans in '06, '07 was a fun year as well. I was cosplaying my Gurulokovich Soldier from Metal Gear Solid 2: http://img367.imageshack.us/img367/581/imafge1qm4.jpg I'm in the middle. Now, one would expect the general public to avoid me or give me odd stares while shielding their children from such a horrific si
  9. Glorious comrades of Metal Gear cosplay! Your hour has come yet again. Well, it's a couple hundred days away, but trust me, that hour will come. It's time for Metal Gear cosplay 2008. Information from our cosplay.com thread.
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