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  1. Yay, a Minato and a Thanatos! And a Yukari! I'll have to find you guys! <3 Also, one of my requests as Elizabeth might be to 'fuse' Thanatos, haha. Like... just to find and take a picture of or bring me a Thanatos cosplayer, hee hee.
  2. So, I finally have things figured out. After changing my mind a million times. Thursday - Roxas (school girl) - Kingdom Hearts II Friday - Elizabeth - Persona 3 Saturday - Roxas (school girl) - Kingdom Hearts II Sunday - Elizabeth - Persona 3 I should start doing only two cosplays each Otakon. It works out well.
  3. So, if things go as planned, this will be my cosplay schedule~~ Thursday: Rosette (Chrno Crusade) (if not, maybe the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland or Vocaloid Len) Friday: Elizabeth (Persona 3) Saturday: Roxas (Kingdom Hearts II, school girl version) Sunday: Rosette (Chrno Crusade) (if not, then Vocaloid Len)
  4. Hee hee, that'll be cool if you do bring them. : D Oh, also. Since I'll cosplaying as Elizabeth, I'm going to be giving out requests! I'll have prizes, too~
  5. So, this is right around the time when I get really confused with what/who I want to cosplay. I'm DEFINITELY going to be Elizabeth from Persona 3, no matter what~~ But, I was also thinking, maybe... -Kagamine Len, Vocaloid -Tohru Honda, Fruits Basket (Although, she's a pretty common cosplay... I love her, though) -Airi Hoshina, MeruPuri (I absolutely love her, and her outfits!) -Lavi, D.Gray-man (It'd be so confusing to make, though....) -Roxas, Kingdom Hearts II (Styling the wig, though.... And, I'm definitely going to be him if my friend can finish the keyblades I requ
  6. I haven't played the game yet, but I'm going to be cosplaying as Legretta for my friend. She's going to be Arietta, and our friend is going to be Anise~~ Is anyone going to cosplay as anyone?
  7. Aww, I might be dropping Len for this Otakon. DX I was really excited to be him with my friend as Rin, but she can only go to Otakon one day now, and she's being Ryoji from P3, so.... I think I'll wait until next year to be him. That'll give me more time to make the head phones, too.
  8. Best place to look is the cosplay.com thread. They have wonderful advice there.
  9. I'm having trouble thinking of ideas for materials to make the headphones with. Does anyone have any ideas? :/
  10. This year, I'm going to cosplay as Elizabeth from SMT: Persona 3~~ Is anyone else going to do a P3 cosplay?
  11. So, I've decided that I'm definitely going to cosplay as Elizabeth from SMT: Persona 3.
  12. I'm also going to be cosplaying as Kagamine Len! And my friend is going to be Kagamine Rin~
  13. Definitely Kagamine Len (Vocaloid 2), and maybe Lavi (D.Gray-man).
  14. I was the Mad Hatter. : D Pictures are appreciated.
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