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  1. -Friday: Maybe Walter - Hellsing, maybe seras from hellsing...(there is much confusion in my group ) -Saturday: Jibril - Angel Sanctuary. -Sunday: who knows...
  2. I would force everyone I know (and everyone I happen to meet on the street) to dress up as an army of pikachu's. I'm talking thousands.
  3. i kind of wish i was albino. that would be kind of sweet.
  4. if everyone was awake in the daytime...there'd be no reason for the night-
  5. i wonder if non-pruned trees make fun of pruned trees :?:
  6. i just spilled coffee on my skirt. and it saddens me.
  7. I just had to let everyone know that i read the end of paradise kiss for the 15,000,000th time, and cried. Again. for the 14,999,999th time. (one time i was drunk and fell asleep immediatly afterwards, thus halting the tears). huzzah ♥
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