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  1. I didn't book at a Radisson but Hilton has the same problem. I think you can't call the hotel until July 9th or so says the passkey website. Because they won't send the reservations until then. So you are going to have to wait until July 9th, also by then you will know for sure is there's going to be more than 2 people or if you are really going to need those 3 beds. Also if you need to modify any "special request information" I suggest you e-mail the reservation customer service. I tried to change some special request things I wrote there and you can't erase what you wrote before, they just a
  2. A question for anyone who's booked a room at the Radisson: It seems the only place to specify between a room with one or two beds is in the special request box, which I did (for a 2 bed), but it doesn't actually confirm what kind of room you have. What's the best way to find out? If you call, will they have that sort of info now, or closer to the con, or not until you actually check in? I'm assuming that if you specify there's 3 or 4 adults in the room, you'll get preference for the separate beds, but since I don't really know how many of us will be going next year, I put in 2 adults for the
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