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  1. My friend already made reservations at the Hampton Inn Camden Yards which is pretty cheap just need a bit more walking but that's fine =3 Does anyone have anything to say about that hotel? Anything good or bad? o_0
  2. Well, Otakon has been there for 14 years now so the people are kinda used to it by now. When me and my friend were trying to find the convention center on Friday(which was right behind our hotel but we went out the wrong exit x_x) a guy asked us about our costumes saying that he've been seeing people with costumes also and we explained it and he said it was cool. But of course, the locals are mainly older people that are not hip and with it so they're losers =_= Jk Jk I guess for open-minded locals, they would know what was going on with the convention since I'm pretty sure w
  3. I didn't see much Naruto nor Bleach cosplayers much o_o... Only at the Naruto photoshoot and Bleach photoshoot really (of course)...But other than that: I didn't see like it was SWARMING of them. >_> Besides, you can't stop them from cosplaying from those animes. It's really popular so, of course, you're going to see some around the con. In ANY anime/comic convention! I actually saw more Deathnote around than Naruto or Bleach. O_O Other than the gathering time and places, that is. You can't stop people from cosplaying as a character they like. Especially from such well-
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