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  1. How about for Japanese Guests ( I know they may be impossible to get) 1) Leiji Matsumoto 2) Hidecki Anno 3) Kenpachiro Satsuma (Godzilla suit actor from 1984 to 1995) Jim “Kap” Kaposztas Staff Lounge
  2. I am a Staffer, and it is always a mix of relief and sadness when it's over. But then, I make the drive home on Monday part of the recovery, by trying different roads home with My friends. That, and having a job where I don't have to be into work until Wednesday Night helps! 'Kap Tech Ops
  3. I think we should be concerned with the new Skywalk to the New Hilton Hotel, for the following reasons: 1). Nice, clear windows, will make excellent backdrops for photo opprutunities, which could lead to... 2) Gridlock in the Skywalk, especially if there are items, such as panels going on in the Hilton. 'Kap Tech Ops
  4. Hi there, Since this is an Anniversary Year, I have one of My Own: In December of 1982, I created what was probably the first Anime Music Video, which would be shown to the public in January of 1982, at Philcon 82.1, a Science Fiction Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Ironically, the first 2 AMV's I made, were shown before a showing of "Arrivederci Space Cruiser Yamato"). By Lunacon 1983, at the Star Blazers Video Room, I had made about a Half Hour of these AMV's , which were shown as filler between programs. My accomplishments were documented on Page 39 of "Watching An
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