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  1. Otakon does not offer any of it's videography archives like that as far as I have known.
  2. *I AM OTAKON STAFF, BUT THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL OTAKON RESPONSE* I don't know who she is, but a quick google search for sylvia shi tells me that you got involved in the amuria drama. There is a lot being said about this circle of artists on the net, and I wont go into detail about it. Your best bet in my opinion is to try and contact her friend amuria through her DA page at http://amuria.deviantart.com/ , since sylvia's deviantart account ( http://ryo0oki.deviantart.com/ ) has been banned. You might get some contact info out of sylvia's sheezy page at http://ryo0oki.sheezyart.com/ a
  3. It was also mentioned before that hotel prices actually went DOWN for 2009. That should help everyone coming to Otakon save some cash.
  4. a quick youtube search shows 4,000+ videos for the words otakon. During the weekend the best way to experience the con is to BE at the con, not watching it on a video. Videos are good for remembering how much fun you had, not how much you should be having.
  5. If these interviews were taken by our videography department (not sure if they were or not), then they are part of the otakon archives. Currently there is no distribution or display method of any part of the otakon archives, aside from some of the pictures from the photosuite. However these archives have the potential of being used in future publications or displays.
  6. There was only one pin, super girl hiroko. Found this : http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/22083...101615026jWYFkj
  7. Usually smaller (sm/m) and larger (2x-4x) sizes sell out first in the shirts, we evaluate our numbers year to year based on our budget to try and accommodate sell-outs and such, but as always, the best solution is to make sure you get there on Friday (as far as I know, nothing sold out until more than halfway through the weekend). Another interesting concept would be to buy a larger sized shirt (IE XL, which we never sell out of as far as I know) and doing a "mod" to either resize it, or turn it into a fashion-mod tee. My wife did this with most of her staff shirts and had people complime
  8. Umbrellas (large golf ones) were introduced as experimental merch in Otakon 2007. A very limited quantity was made and I had never heard before this topic of them being sold out. I will definately have to consider adding them again. They were alternating white/blue sectioned umbrellas with a cute chibi artwork of hiroko holding the umbrella with the works "OTAKON" next to it.
  9. I didn't know the golf umbrellas had sold out. I'll see about getting more produced for next year.
  10. Never seen princess nine? Anime & baseball definitely go together. More importantly Japan + baseball go together. Japanese are FANATICS over their baseball teams.
  11. Thats a bummer. I do have some eBay, Amazon and eCommerce experience, but definitely not enough. I also live in the Ohio area, but if something small that I could volunteer for or help out with, I wouldn't mind doing so. How close to Columbus do you live? If you wanted to get together we could discuss getting you aboard next year and possibly re-opening the store even beforehand. PM me if you're interested.
  12. Yeah, running out of time was a major factor on this piece of art. I only assisted in getting the art together so I don't know where exactly the tag line came in. But if you guys want to "mod" your shirts you can get a stencil for "TCG" and spray paint some letters onto the back.. That's if the section head for gofers is ok with it.
  13. I wont know our stock levels until I compare the sales sheets against our ordering numbers. I know there are usually a few things of each item left at the end of the convention, but usually the largest and smallest sizes go first. The reason I have not been able to operate the ota-store (being the head of merchandise) is that I live in Columbus, Ohio, and the merchandise is stored in a locker closer to Baltimore. I do not have the ability to transport all of the merchandise to my location, and we have not been able to find a staffer closer to the locker to operate it. Minimal require
  14. If you look at the schedule from otakon's side, as to how many programming and event rooms they are running each day, 6 hours (9-3) on Sunday equates to hundreds of hours of scheduled programming and open time. I believe your key to Otakon shouldn't be how much time you spend, but how well you spend your time. Especially if you are missing the longest day of Saturday.
  15. The BCC I believe already recycles cardboard. I saw a cardboard baler down on the docks while moving between halls.
  16. I believe the reason escalators are turned off by the BCC on purpose is that they can't handle the volume of traffic otakon throws at it. To avoid safety scenarios they are turned off at strategic locations. If you have trouble using the stairs, please see the special needs desk in the future where they can help your mobility throughout the con. Also of note, while ginormous cosplay is always awesome to look at, you practically immobilize yourself in a place like the BCC.
  17. Flight - $169 Food - $51 Staff snacks - $0 Staff room - $0 Staff badge - $0 Otakon Merch (after staff discount) - $40 misc - $35 ------ Total spent to go have fun at otakon - $295 Being on staff and getting at least some stuff for free - priceless
  18. This is why they turn off escalators This is why we have a dedicated special needs desk (at the info desk I believe)
  19. I bought two 8x10 prints and just want to commend you and the rest of the staff at the photo booth for an awesome job! The line moved fast and the person who took my photo was really relaxed and professional about it. Thanks! Thanks for the compliment! The photosuite took photos of over 750 cosplayers (I believe, at least) throughout the 20 hours we were open. We are hoping to expand it even more as we had to turn some people away (and some didn't want to wait in the line) for next year! I think all of our photographers did a fantastic job!
  20. djmakinmoves, just send me a PM and we'll chat. Glad you enjoyed my stuff. Aside from the slip up of my hand on the play button (gurren lagan) that caused a blip in the beat, I thought it was a great set to rock out to.
  21. Not all of the photos had been uploaded as we were busy with processing throughout the end of the weekend, The remaining photos should be up shortly. As a reminder, only prints that were purchased as 8x10's will be up in the gallery, we're not posting all 3,000+ pictures that we took during the weekend.
  22. Also, my site (as I will be offering the private shoots as well) http://www.finalprintstudio.com/cosplay
  23. If you're interested get in touch with me (mike) in the photosuite this year. we'll chat for a few minutes and I'll get your contact info (business card if you have it) then I'll be in touch when staffing opens up for next year.
  24. You all should apply to be on photosuite staff next year. We spend ALL WEEKEND taking pictures of cosplayers. We usually prefer people that have portfolios and studio experience, but we're always looking for help. Staff pool is pretty tied up for this year, but get in touch with me if you'd be interested in the future!
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