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  1. We usually get a group of other columbus-ohio-ites and try to book airfare on southwest from CMH to BWI. This year we got our tickets for a little under $130 per person. We take the light rail from BWI directly to the BCC.
  2. I was about to say, both ayuh and I are throwing down lots of japanese tracks. (hell, I OWN l'arc en ciel ectomorphed on vinyl!). I know both of us have sent in demos again this year, although I'm getting away from core and playing more NRG this year, I hope the two of us can satisfy your tastes for con-related japanese beats.
  3. Both as a staffer and one of the DJs, I can say that more than a few DJs do not spin their own original remixes/music, so licensing would be a HUGE issue with posting demos of them online. Also, a few DJs would have trouble if they are signed to labels and try to have their music posted online (myself included). I just see the whole online vote system as having way too much red tape to cut through. I believe the current selection process has/is doing well, there is a large variety of styles and music and the DJs are very talented. The crowds seem to enjoy themselves and the place ge
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