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  1. I always wanted to, but I dont know enough songs by heart to be able to do it from memory
  2. I started with Ergo Proxy actually. I just finished Full Metal Panic and the Second Raid.
  3. Wow, thats a pretty cool idea, especially since it's free.
  4. =P well, I just gave you 55$ more so its all good
  5. Awesome, cant wait for it this year. Last year was amazing and the first time Ive gotten to attend in the last 4 years before. Cant wait to see who the music guest is. Im really hoping on one because of TM Revolutions little video last year.
  6. My favorite part was meeting the bands from sunday and seeing the performances. I liked all of them very much, though Marbell actually surprised me the most. All of the members were really nice and I was especially surprised at how much english they could speak and understand. Mar especially. Also, I really like the bandai panels. They were really fun.
  7. Ah I understand. Thats really cool then. Im glad they all had an awesome time. I can imagine that weird things pop up all the time since it's a completely different lifestyle. While it has its better things than normal life, there are bad things they have to deal with too. I think people often forget that while they are more famous, they are people too and can be hapy or sad.
  8. I was very impressed with the musical guests for Otakon this year. Plus meeting them was really awesome. Every one of them were really nice and you could tell they really wanted to be there and appreciated the fans. I think my favorite act ended up being Marbell (and Mar ^^). Daizystripper was also really amazing. But seriously, seeing Mar's smiling face was worth the entire trip IMO. Also, is there going to be a dvd of the concert? I saw camera's and stuff set up, so I thought Id ask.
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