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  1. A few years ago I went as Jessebelle from Pokemon. One little girl recognized me, and I was so excited I kind of screamed at her! Then in '07 I went as Cinderalla from the Junko Mizuno manga of the same name, in her waitress uniform. Not surprisingly, no one at all recognized me. My BF went as Dinah last year from Bizenghast, and did a great job. One person did think she was the Purple Tentacle's girlfriend (they were wearing an identical shade of purple, and we're friends of PT), but that was the only recognition she got. I'm always disappointed when I do obscure characters,
  2. I know a good trick for the metal armbands, get some foam sheets (you can get them at a craft store), then use puffy paint (like people used on shirts years ago), to paint the details. Spraypaint the whole thing gold afterwards and glue on the gems/whatever. You'll probably need to punch holes in the bands and lace them up under your arms. The foam stays flexible, and really looks like armor/jewelry.
  3. "Everyone is by the fountain." Haha, too funny!
  4. *hops on the bandwagon* Yotsuba and Gunsmith Cats would be fantastic! Also, anything by Junko Mizuno. I love obscure manga.
  5. I have a mix. I make a lot of my own costumes, but for Otakon stuff, my bestest friend ever helps a bit. She made my yukata, and my loli-nurse dress most recently. I'm planning to try my hand at my own cosplay-lolita dress this year, but will likely call her for help and opinions. But, we are doing another cosplay together (I think), and she'll probably make that dress. She doesn't charge me anything but materials. She will occasionally give me the garment for finishing; she sent me the yukata pieces with detailed instructions on how to put them together a few years ago. Also,
  6. Thursday I usually have to work, at a University, August is CRAZY-TIME!!! So, my hubby picks me up at 5, we head to Giant and pick up our weekend rations - we always bring breakfasts and lunches, so we only have to eat dinners out for the weekend, much cheaper and less line-y. We are responsible for cold cuts, ice and water, so it's hard to pick it up earlier in the week. Next step is the ride to Balmer. We have arrived in past years between 7 and 8, depending on traffic. By which time, we are RAVENOUS! Meet up with the buddies, who have already checked into the hotel. Slog all of our stu
  7. I have the same problem almost every year. Nothing I recognize. I'm crazy under-informed with the amount of anime I could be watching. I ended up choosing (I think) Paprika last year, because my husband and I had just finished doing set and costumes for The Glass Menagerie at our local theater, and the set was a turning carousel. We had carousel horses on the brain!!
  8. Otakon 2008 was the "Year of Panels" for me. I don't think I'd ever attended an Otakon panel before this past year, but I went to FOUR of them! I was really, really pleased! The "Cosplay Photography" panel was really well done. Very informative. I enjoyed that there was general photography information in addition to specifically cosply photography tips. Great job! The "Takarazuka Revue" panel was really nice. I had never heard of this group before Otakon '08, but I definitely plan to find out more. I thought the panelists were well-informed, and while nervous, put on a great talk. Th
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