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  1. i'd love to see: Death Note Bleach .hack//G.U. TRILOGY if i could get one of those 3, i'd be a very happy person!
  2. I think at our next meeting i'm going to talk to the advisor and see what we can do! You guys are suggesting some great ideas, thank you!!
  3. i always kind of wanted to bring in elfen lied just to see what they would do about it!
  4. well this year we've had a few more out-of-school activities, such as anime parties. we sit for 13 hours and watch an entire series. we have also started art contests and we did have a halloween cosplay party a few weeks ago. We make some comics here and there and have done an amv contest last year, but more people like to watch them rather than make them, so that didn't turn out too well. In my basement we have tons (almost literally) and i bring in a new anime to watch every week. The only issue with that is that it has to be TV-16 and under. I did kind of want to start an origamithing, but
  5. XD!!! if only i could do that myself, trust me i would, my school, infact the entire school system, really stinks. Our district budget got approved last year for the first time in like 7 or 8 years!!! We had a deer in the cafeteria today too!!!!
  6. Hi! I was wondering if anyone from any other anime clubs could help me out. This is the 2nd year that the anime club in my high school is running and it's off to a rocky start this year. We only meet once every three weeks with an hour to do things, so not much usually gets done. I am VP of the club this year and i need some suggestions to really get the club going, but keep in mind, this is a high school club in a school that didn't let the anime club become official the first time that it was suggested to the board of education because they thought that the anime club was a satanic cult.....
  7. unfortunately all 3 games are still in production without even a hint as to when they are coming out, so it could be a long while before we can get our hands on them here in the states. all we know as far as when they are coming out is the order of which they are going to be released.... 1.358/2 Days 2.Coded 3.Birth By Sleep i hope that they are all released by 2010 at the latest...
  8. i'm not going to be getting the cell phone game. mostly due to the fact that it is a side story and is in no way linked to the coming KH3, unlike Birth By Sleep and 358/2 Days which are appareantly linked to KH3.
  9. yeah i was kinda upset when i found out that i'd have to get a PSP too.....although i heard they can sync with the PS3 so you can see the game on the big screen.....but from what i heard it's only with the new PSPs...
  10. Kinda old news but still for those of you that don't know Nomura announced at TGS this year 3 new KH games Birth By Sleep for the PSP 358/2 Days for the DS Coded for the mobile phone for all the info check out www.kh-vids.net there is way to much info to type it all up here so check out all the stuff they have about it there and post what you think here!!!!
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