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  1. It's convention center food in a major city. Cheap is guaranteed off the menu as they have to make enough to pay for the contract they bid. Both companies have a very long history of health & practices violations. Yet, they remain open & in service because of two reasons: they pay their rent & people do not refuse them service. Unless your trapped with no other options, ANY other food options are better than convention center food options. But, when you have governmental-created & permitted contractural monopolies, free market quality & prices no longer apply. Opinions from the customers & public also don't seem to matter as long as the contract is paid & no laws are violated. It's worse in Boston as the city intentionally squeezes out affordable dining in exchange for tax revenue & food the locals refuse to purchase...never makes sense - close a food court & replace it with a small draw specialty cuisine supermarket with prices 10+ times higher in the Prudential Mall? Guess the 1 shopper paying 20 bucks for a slice of pizza makes up for the 5,000 slices no longer sold at 5 bucks each...