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  1. But the intent of the post is not moot - this is not in regards to a 2020 convention, but to the potential permanent changes coming to the industry & what we may face from it going forward. This is a societal change coming to the entire industry & will impact conventions like Otakon & AB significantly. Especially if they all adopt un-occupancy safety rules or elevator rules.
  2. Something for community consideration as society around the world finds its new normals: https://www.foxnews.com/travel/how-hotels-change-post-coronavirus Better pray that 1 per elevator use policy doesn't become practiced...
  3. That's the problem with contracts - until someone else changes the conditions on the ground, you are still bound, no matter the situation. We have to wait on how DC rolls the viability of the venue before otacorp will make a statement.
  4. If news reports are accurate, there are two major strains - one in europe & 1 in asia. The US has both at the same time. So, 1) a vaccine will likely only cover 1 strain making groups of people still suceptible to the other 2) expectations on leisure international travel should be nil for 1-2 years minimum after something like this with an expectation of a decade recovery for tourism 3) i enjoy conventions as many of us do - I do not expect them to be licensed for at least a year & even then, expect them to be capped significantly by size & with significant mandatory medical regulations in place. Of all the groups afraid of lawsuits, private entities are the largest. Can you imagine just the insurance changes that will be required? The world has been changed by this & it will remain changed unfortunately. Just need to see what becomes the new normal from here. I fear for anime as an industry, watching Hollywood crumble around us as it is.
  5. If they are like many other conventions under contract/obligations, if they make any mention of not holding the event, it opens them up to obligations directly payable for the event. They are likely awaiting judgement from an authority involved in the venue that voids their obligations outside of their control, thus allowing them to speak more about not holding a convention. Like nearly all things - it's always about the money in the end.
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