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  1. With the 7 day incubation time frame before you actually acquire openly the symptoms, becomes difficult to actually label a major gathering as THE source. Where it is an Environmental virus similar to the seasonal flu etc, a whole host of daily activity leading up to arrival can also be the source - especially where the animals inside & out also carry it in the ecosystem. The fear needs to truly be knocked down more. It's something that will not ever go away from the world. You have to adapt and push forward, accepting that it is just another one many ways to get sick, seek treatment & continue living life.

  2. I say this having been through the entire saga with friends - The End Result Could not have happened to a more deserving Klown. While we will never know how much is true that he is alleged to have done, if just 10% of what has come out is true, the dude needs to be forever forbidden to interact with anyone under the age of 30 to avoid grooming in society let alone the worse things & banned from public gathering places or forms of transportation without monitoring.

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  3. I wonder what the actually registration number has to be for it to not be that bankrupting experience for costs. I know real numbers get shaky when people try to deep dive into them. Figure I'd try for a vague number that has no true reason to be spun like the balance sheet is normally.

  4. Taking the extreme emotion of your response out of it - I never suggested I was a medical doctor or that mass gatherings were currently safe. Having local experience through the Boston Marathon events, I have seen government using situational control upon the population.

    For me in MA having been through having the actual bug, there is significant involvement of medical doctors in my local town & their opinions are being followed appropriately. For my family in other parts of the state, their officials have been subject to the opinions of titled or academic doctors opinions & not actual practicing medical professionals. They have had to fight in court to reopen their society similar to steps available to others with actual medical data collected by the state medical doctors. This was in an environment where public data was better or lower than open areas in other communities in the state.

    I'm not suggesting you have to go out & exceed normal avenues of public engagement & dispute resolution. Sometimes government just gets it wrong & you have to present it to them again so they can re-evaluate. Government is not infallible, nor do they have a track record of doing anything right, on budget or on time. It's the citizen's responsibility to help them be what we elect them to be: responsible.

  5. I do not wish to say it but i suspect you can go Through December again this year with that. Remember, conventions only occur with local government approvals. Until they can feel unaccountable for the normal activities of society, you will not see said government reopen society. They have seized control so to speak of that civil liberty from society & will fight very hard to never give it back. Society has to push back & prove with overwhelming evidence that the control needs to be released. Stay safe & help keep others safe.

  6. On 1/30/2021 at 2:10 PM, Aresef said:

    I'm not staff and I don't speak for anybody but me but the letter made it pretty clear that if there's no Otakon this year, they still need money to keep the lights on. Insurance and force majeure may protect Otakorp from cancellation fees and what have you but there's still merch that isn't being sold, booths that aren't being booked, memberships that aren't being registered.

    Otakorp signed a five-year deal with WEWCC. 2021 is either the fourth or fifth year of that deal (depending on whether the pandemic changed things up). I don't know if that deal's already been extended or what. My point is that, barring force majeure, they can't get out of it. And even if they could, your idea depends first on the restrictions in Baltimore or Bethesda or wherever being substantially different than in the District. Unlikely. Now, to your point, what happens after that contract is up, I don't know. Nobody knows. All of this happening right now is absolutely unprecedented.

    Furthermore, Otakon has contracts with its guests. Spark Speaker isn't performing for free. It costs a boatload of money to fly all these people and, in the musical act's case, their handlers and what have you. You need a way to make that math work. Backing out of these contracts, however, would be costly.

    So either they have Otakon at WEWCC or they don't.

    Add to that they are likely awaiting closer to the con, the conditions on the ground & what the District becomes in terms of open to the public. Would be a miracle if they are above a 25% capacity for convention centers under the exceedingly most optimistic conditions. Then, translate that into what the contracted gate numbers are & scale down from there. Add to that the liability still pending for last year as there usually is a time limit on holding admission refunds (no matter what they are called) to events. The house of cards was already shaky in January. Expect to hear the tree falling in the forest soon as, sadly, the forest will be falling in general...Do not worry - things always come back in some form. All that matters is the question of time.

  7. 21 hours ago, windseeker said:

    I donated, but it would be nice to know the fundraising goal. 

    I am guessing, based on the scale of Otakon being a multi-million dollar operation - the goal would be in scale to that - between hundreds of thousands & up. Many others have yet to even advertise registration or hotel rates. Gonna guess they have given up spending & are expecting a 2nd year of no go & are avoiding the costs as much as possible. Being late Summer, tough to do for Otakon. I am curious just how long it will be before international guests are allowed by their employers to leave their home country. Add to that the drop expected in financial industry support - gonna be a rocky decade for our industry.

  8. 21 hours ago, Zeeba Neighba said:

    Whose opinion is more reliable than his?


    Got a reliable source for that?

    Never rely upon a single person for anything. You should look at many opinions & make an educated decision. No one person is 100% correct or an expert on everything. Where this has been on-going, this along with many other doctors, have been in one stance & then change as information is made available. I place higher value upon doctors that are not part of government, that have a reason to state a position as a term of their employment & not only as a term of their oath to patients.

    As to sourcing: depending upon what you consider reliable, which would be based upon personal politics, I do have this one most recent: https://nypost.com/2021/01/24/dr-fauci-needs-to-be-held-responsible-for-mistakes-devine/ however, a simple search within Bing Google etc. seem to bring up in one instance over 15 million results to review.

    At the end of the day - its up to the individual to research & make their decision. I am not responsible for anyone but myself.

  9. On 1/22/2021 at 5:07 AM, GasparAKAShiggitay said:

    As much as I'd love to have Otakon this year I think it'd be best to have your expectations low, and just plan for 2022. Dr. Fauci is hoping that by the fall 85% of the population in the US is going to be vaccinated, and only then some sense of normalcy can return, but we'll just have to wait and see. There's a similar debate going on about Anime Boston on FaceBook in group Anime Boston Social (if not elsewhere as well). It's yet to be cancelled, but there would have been pre-reg announcements and hotel block releases/other forms of promotion by now if it was a sure thing to happen in 2021...  I assume it's similar for Otakon as well. 



    I've been wanting to hit up NekoCon as well since I have a friend in Newport News / Hampton Roads I could possibly stay with...

    There is one piece of information that they are not discussing in regards to vaccinations: Are these vaccinations going to be an annual thing similar to seasonal flu? I suspect you will not be seeing international guests for 2 or more years as wise people will not leave their home country in an unknown environment - especially if they have any type of chronic medical issue. I would even move a step stronger - I would imagine you may see regulations denying admittance for those with medical conditions to conventions - restrictions in place from the government - due to their suscepitibility & increased medical requirements, as a form of precautionary measure. Welcome to the new police state.

    As to Dr. Fauci, please consider more than his opinion as he has changed his mind, flip flopping more frequently than a ping pong match.

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  10. 20 hours ago, GasparAKAShiggitay said:

    Yeah it's all moot in terms of Otakon since it was cancelled today.


    23 hours ago, windseeker said:

    Well that's all moot now...

    But the intent of the post is not moot - this is not in regards to a 2020 convention, but to the potential permanent changes coming to the industry & what we may face from it going forward. This is a societal change coming to the entire industry & will impact conventions like Otakon & AB significantly. Especially if they all adopt un-occupancy safety rules or elevator rules.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Aresef said:

    They can't back out until either Events DC or the DC government makes holding the convention impossible. Unlikely as it is, it's conceivable that come time for Otakon, the WEWCC could be ready. I'm not saying it's likely, I'm saying that it can't be ruled out until it is ruled out.

    What that means f they cancel now, force majeure provisions will not apply. Though they can't and won't issue refunds to members (given the nature of what our memberships are), the nonprofit will be on the hook for boatloads to Events DC, hotels and other vendors and without the revenue of people who haven't yet registered or of dealers, artists, merchandise or sponsors. And as I've outlined, Otakorp is not rich.

    That's the problem with contracts - until someone else changes the conditions on the ground, you are still bound, no matter the situation. We have to wait on how DC rolls the viability of the venue before otacorp will make a statement.

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  12. 23 hours ago, GasparAKAShiggitay said:

    All valid points..  For me I have Miku Expo on September 17th up here in Boston, but in November I want to attend AnimeNYC in the fall, of which when I hope it's totally cleared up. I guess we'll have to see what Otakorp decides... 

    If news reports are accurate, there are two major strains - one in europe & 1 in asia. The US has both at the same time. So, 1) a vaccine will likely only cover 1 strain making groups of people still suceptible to the other 2) expectations on leisure international travel should be nil for 1-2 years minimum after something like this with an expectation of a decade recovery for tourism 3) i enjoy conventions as many of us do - I do not expect them to be licensed for at least a year & even then, expect them to be capped significantly by size & with significant mandatory medical regulations in place. Of all the groups afraid of lawsuits, private entities are the largest. Can you imagine just the insurance changes that will be required?

    The world has been changed by this & it will remain changed unfortunately. Just need to see what becomes the new normal from here. I fear for anime as an industry, watching Hollywood crumble around us as it is.

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  13. On 4/1/2020 at 10:11 AM, Fadamor said:

    I'm guessing they'll wait until the current recommendations from the CDC draw to a close (end of April) before re-evaluating whether Otakon remains a "Go". They (Otakorp) will have a much better idea of which way the pandemic is moving by then.

    If they are like many other conventions under contract/obligations, if they make any mention of not holding the event, it opens them up to obligations directly payable for the event. They are likely awaiting judgement from an authority involved in the venue that voids their obligations outside of their control, thus allowing them to speak more about not holding a convention.

    Like nearly all things - it's always about the money in the end.

  14. The Acela nonstop service will be temporarily suspended starting Tuesday, March 10 until Tuesday, May 26.


    Keep an eye out as this is on top of airlines taking steps internationally. This is the first domestic service I am aware of that is ceasing public transportation. Let us hope it doesn't become a domino effect, especially as the need to look out for the public welfare begins to combine with legal liability & the over protective nature of our litigious society comes forth.

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