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  1. Lizzy-kun


    Will there be a photoshoot this year? There were two gatherings last year. The one on Saturday was the most epic.
  2. Lizzy-kun


    I'll be Stein, my friend will be Spirit/Death Scythe. Hopefully I'll have the screw done by then complete with clickyness!
  3. GOOD NEWS. The How Troublesome Naruto Fan panel will be at 7pm on Friday! I hope to see you all there!
  4. Oh hey! I remember you from ACen! I was one of the other Gintoki there. I had come to the shoot with a Hijikata and an Okita~ I'd love to do Gintama for Otakon, but I don't know if I'll have the time for it with other planned cosplay.. but if I don't finish in time, I could always throw Gintoki into my suitcase
  5. We should schedule a photoshoot, find a spot and proclaim the truth of the strawberry milk. We had a pretty decent group over at Acen, by far the best I've seen over the past few years, I was impressed. XD I'm going to do my best to get Okita together. I love my Gintoki cosplay, but it was so hot last year it was gross to walk around in those boots, I thought my feet were going to burst into flames... So shooting for Okita, Ginpachi, or Kagura.
  6. That is surprising...O.o; I will be cosplaying Konan, and possibly...POSSIBLY depending on how badly I want to be teased on the good ol' 4chan, I'll bring my Shippuuden Naruto. I'm also a panelist for the How Troublesome Naruto Fanpanel from last year, and we were approved again for this year! YAY! =D We're shooting for Friday or Saturday, but we won't know for some time yet. We had some issues at a previous con with people scheduling photoshoots conflicting with the panel, so just to get it out there, so people are aware, (and to make sure they attend >.>. Hope to see you all there!
  7. Lizzy-kun

    Gintama? =D

    I saw a few of you last year so i know you're out there! XD Anyone planning Gintama cosplay this year? Possibly get a gathering together? I'm going to bring my Kagura, and possibly ginpachi-sensei.
  8. Yeah Otakon is going to be held in the dead middle of summer, but who is planning on a D. Gray-man cosplay? I'm considering throwing together a Komui, and I'd love to see who else is interested in getting a photoshoot together. =3
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