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  1. Hey, well, i went as Urahara and my friends were a lolita and a random Jonin from naruto and Aizen. Names being Tom, Vee, Ben, and Stephanie. We were looking for an Amanda from Annapolis who is 16 with a brother named Alex (if that helps, lol) but yeah, never was able to meet up on Sunday. We all miss ya. Get in touch if ya can.
  2. Human version of Shadow The Hedgehog will be cool to see but yeah, Akatsuki is pretty awesome, so you can bet at least 80 people doing it, lol.
  3. Nice....nice... if you do Yamato you have to make sure you can do the creepy face thing he does, lol, haha, priceless.
  4. Yeah, Im probably going as Urahara do to the many requests i get to do it, lol. That or my first choice of Byakuya, but then i have to dye my hair and such, sucky, lol, though, iono any other dude who can use his real hair when doing Byakuay. Haha, so, whats anybody else thinking of.
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