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  1. well ill already have my badge from the thursday prereg so ill be waking up probably around 7 (maybe a little earlier) to get my cosplay and everything together drive down takes like 10 minutes because of traffic, be there by 9 maybe earlier, ill have to leave the con at 12 to check in to my hotel go back to the con aftre and stay the whole day :D

  2. I've still got props to work on. Besides that, I guess I should establish meeting/driving/parking arrangements with my friends.

    Oh. And also I'll be doing my best to pick up as many shifts at work as possible. I love my coworkers to death, I'm okay with wearing the tights, but it's just my luck when I serve people who leave me ten dollars or less. Come on, there's swag I gotta buy in a month!

    *sigh* I have to work a-lot as well. *tear* This year will be my first year attending Otakon with lots of money!!

    Otakon 2005-only went with 50$...my parents money

    Otakon 2006-only went with 100$...part mine from saving and part my parents

    Otakon 2007- went with 250$...most mine from gradution money...some my parents

    Otakon 2008-This year all my money...I already have 500 saved o.O...so I'm in good same ((I dont stay in a hotel, I stay with my parents who live in coulmbia Md....right outright Baltimore ^_^))

  3. wow its coming so fast and im reeeally excited but i kinda wish it would slow down cause im not ready

    im not done my costume yet (almost)

    i ordered a wig from china like 3 weeks ago and its suppose to take like over a month to ship and operantly it hasnt even went over seas yet T-T

    my money isnt very high because of prom this year xD

    i just need like an extra 2 weeks haha xD

  4. 0.o There was a line on Thursday last year? We just walked in, waited maybe 15 minutes, grabbed our badges, and was out the door to the Hardrock for dinner. For other lines my DS and PSP work wonders for in line boredom. Also Ipod speakers for dancing in the line. Great way to meet new people.
  5. The second alternative to get out is by of course, a raft. However, the only items you can use for the raft is your whole anime dvd/cd/plushie collection. By that I mean, every single one you accumulated over the years.

    1. I'd pick this one, but I'd sorta wonder how I'd have my entire DVD/CD collection with me when I'd have no way of playing them at all. I'm with the person above though. I'd rather re-get my collection then die, tyvm. I have no clue what a "pyramid head" is but I'm assuming they're scary.

    2. I'd start my own club where doing something demeaning isn't required in order to be "initiated". Any club that has such an initiation like that, I wouldn't want to be a part of.

    3. I can afford to go to Otakon on my own. A "free ride" isn't enough to make me want to take them. Don't get me wrong, I love my in-laws.. but ech. No thanks.

    4. I'd probably just eat at the Aramark vendors in the con then. The food is crap but at least I don't have to deal with the other stuff. ^^

  6. Ok so it's a scenario, what would you do type of games. Have fun~<3

    1st Scenario: You're stuck on a deserted island and there are two ways out and they all lead to otakon. The first path is an underground path that leads you around the island Super Mario style. However, pyramid heads and nurses are following you and your only weapons in the area are yaoi/yuri paddles (just had to 83), a cardboard keyblade, and poke-apults. Did I mention you're in a FFVIII Time limit? You only have half an hour until the tide comes in and floods the tunnels. The second alternative to get out is by of course, a raft. However, the only items you can use for the raft is your whole anime dvd/cd/plushie collection. By that I mean, every single one you accumulated over the years.

    2nd Scenario: So you're a newb at an anime club and there are two initiations: Doing the Haruhi Dance on a concrete platform floating out into the middle of a squall that is about to hit the harbor or do a naked version of Ikkaku's Luck Luck dance. Did I mention you had to be nude during the luck luck dance and it has to take place on top of federal hill?

    3rd Scenario: So you visit your in-laws (or! a dreaded family member) and they want you to take them to Otakon. If you do, they will pay for everything for the whole weekend, debt free. But the cost is that you have to explain every little detail, no matter how irritating it is when they ask. If you refuse, they basically will make your life livng hell by pranking you for the rest of your natural born life.

    4th Scenario: You are stuck between two places to eat for otakon: Lexington Market or Cross Street Market. However, in homage to video games, the way to Lexington Market is blocked by a hoard of zombies infected with the T-Virus. The way to Cross Street is in shambles and covered with final fantasy monsters and evil rabid foaming-at-the-mouth people that wield paddles and companion cubes that have malfunctioned and plays david bowie songs in loops.

    >3 tell which you would choose and why if you wish~ Have fun ku ku ku ku~<3

  7. i didnt find my love AT otakon but i found him BECAUSE of otakon, it was last year before otaon and i had my myspace name as "160 days before otakon" so i get a message one day from a guy that says hes going to otakon too we talk etc i find out he goes to my skool and we meet in person becuase of the akwardness the only thing we could talk about was otakon lol and relationship progressed and weve been together since then :) having 2 otakus isnt bad for a relationship, they say opposites attract but i like having someone i can relate to lol

  8. I think it's great that a lot of you go to the con with your moms and dads. my mom, however has actually told me that otakon is a freak show and thinks that I should give up anime since I'm 24 years old now. she considers it something for children [or adults who act like children] regardless of how many times I've explained things to her. oh well. I just wish I had a more open-minded parent......

    but I will be going to otakon with friends as usual. some that i go to college with and others from my local anime club in washington, dc

  9. I wasn't able to go last year, but in '06, I remember running around and getting quite a few looks... Of course, since all my family lived in MD at the time, I didn't need to reserve a hotel room, but, I was walking around Edgewood and Overlea dressed in gothic lolita, with my Tenten outfit on a hanger. The guys at CVS were kind of scared to see me, and I still think they question themselves, wondering what the heck was going on, and if I had lost all my marbles.

    Of course, the best part was walking into my grandparent's house, fully decked out in my Tenten costume, half my hair up and working on the other. Their faces were priceless! I'm soo~ glad that my Mom got it on film...

    And I mustn't forget the drunken weirdo that called out to my group and I, he was hilarious! I love talking to drunks, they are so random and crazy... Probably why I thought he was a con-goer... Ner, oh, well... Heh heh, was good for a few laughs.

    Drunk: "Waz goin' onz? Ladiez...?"

    Me: "Nothin' much, dude, just chillin'. It gets kind of hot in the con."

    Drunk: "I like yo' cloz... Are they new?"

    Me: *glance to party members* "Sorta...?"

    Drunk: "Shortz on...? I dun have shorz on..."

    Sister: "Who are you supposed to be?"

    Drunk: "Uh... I shuppoze myshelf... Whyz?"

    Me: "So you're not cosplaying then?"

    Drunk: "Crozzdressin'... I dun crozzdrez... I'm'a MAN."

    *At that exact moment, I swear to all heavens, a MAN dressed in a schoolGIRL uniform walks past*

    Me: *snicker* "Like him?"

    Drunk: "...That whuz a 'him'...?"

    Group: *laughter*

  10. IMO, is it me, or does every year the pre-reg line get longer on Friday? Last year was insane; the line was completely all around the BCC. 2006 was long, but not that long. Same with all the other years (IMO), but to answer your question, I take pictures of cosplayers when they walk by and I usually talk to people in front or behind me, and ask them what are they looking forward too, etc. Passes the time greatly!

    EDIT: I usually ask (people with badges) what the badge selections are, to save me time when I get to the desk.

  11. and a walkie since cellphones are next to useless inside the BCC. And plenty of SD memory for my camera. ^^

    you werent able to get a signal in the BCC? i found that my cell worked just fine - but i wasn't able to hear it half the time when someone would call me.

    andi agree with the memory cards for the camera.... i took loads of pics but had to delete some for more room.

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