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  1. This was my 8th otakon and first year competing in the HCC.

    My only request, which is something that was requested during closing ceremonies in regards to Masq, is that we get feedback from the judges as to what exactly they are looking for and where they took or added points.

    I personally would like to know this so if I choose to do something contrary to what they are looking for I can better explain why I did what I did.

    It is hard to grow in an art without feedback. I was an English major and the professors that were brutally honest with my work caused me to do better the next time around.

    Also, this being my first HCC, I may have missed this or have just been too blind to notice, but are there 'offical' grading sheets for the judges? Or is it something more haphazard like 'we write notes down and then compare'?

  2. (I have no clue if I am using the 'quotes' right so my apologies if they don't come out)

    See I would have to disagree with you on it being fair or not and I haven't clue as to why someone would wait to reg. Unless they don't have computer access, but then how are they checking up on everything?

    And pre reg for an even would restrict you to getting there as the con starts. You pre reg.. you get group B. You're in group B. Stickers or what not can be with someone else for when all the reging is done.

    And if you want to be the idiot sitting by the door you can go sit on the group w bench and wait because you didn't think ahead.

    I don't mean to be a bitch about it, but I don't buy the excuse of 'i didn't prereg.'

  3. I did mention that I didn't mind the pre reg line. So I am not including that in my argument and I was not saying to get rid of the badge choice, just do it a little differently.

    I have to admit my concert attending has been close to nil (I can remember being at one that was held in the convention center, not at the arena)

    And the camping IS the biggest problem. It clogs areas and makes for an over all hazard.

    'tickets' was meant to be used in the loosest sense of the word. It could be you are in group 1-200 you get the first 200 chairs to choose from, etc.

    Another thought is to have stickers made up that get put on the back of the badge. You have groups assigned to them and do something like what you do for the 18+ events. Open up a seperate section for stickering events (kill two birds with one stone, get your 18+ band too). Get your badge and if you prepreged go to this other area to get the stickers. All the info could be in a computer for referenceing to make sure people aren't making up numbers.

    Granted it is another line to stand in at the beginning, but could have overall benefits.

    Then for the actual function group 'a' lines up here. group 'b' lines up here etc. camping doesn't get you anywhere as you a guarenteed a place within that group.

    If you didn't bother to pre reg you wait in the 'i didn't pre reg the event' line and wait until all the groups have been seated. You can camp that line.

    Hypothetically this would allow people the ability to spend more time in the con without having to worry about their place in the line. This may even have more people attending the function.

    Stickers are relativly inexpensive it would just take some time to arrange, but shouldn't really be all that insane even with 75K or so worth of them.

    I do miss the laminated badges.


  4. ((I didn't really see anything else about this, so my apologies if it a duplicate thread))

    Having attended Otakon since 2002 (not as long as some, but long enough to see the con size almost double) I have gotten more and more frusterated with the 'lines' and the way they are handled.

    My question, why don't we 'pre reg' those events. You get 'something' that designates that you have a seat reserved (perhaps even actual reserved seating much like you would have if you went to a broadway show). Anyone who doesn't have a tag/ticket has to wait until the auditorium is filled to see if there is extra space.

    This would probably help to alleviate some stress all around and issues at the con (mainly from disgruntled con goers who are ticked with the line procedure).

    Exactly how would this be done?? Well here are some ideas.

    Premake badges: Some cons (I know they are usually smaller) premake badges. I know there is some issue with showing the artwork on the net, but we could always choose based on the anime the badge represents as from what I can tell they are usually promo prints.

    If the badges are premade then the lines move quicker on Thursday night (though I will have to admit I don't really have a problem with that line, since there is no where else to be).

    You also can 'hard wire' registered events onto the badge (back of the badge or something)

    AMV seat 550

    Masq seat 100

    Concert seat 275

    Guest Panalist 10

    (or something like that)

    Send 'tickets' like you would to a broadway show or musical concert.

    They don't have to be real tickets. They could be emailed documents that are verified at pre reg with a stamp or sticker since I know there are crafty people out there wouldn't have qualms about forging a email based ticket if they have a template from a friend.

    I would love to be able to see more of the Con and not spend a vast majority of it in line. I even skipped a bunch of panals that I would have loved to have gone to so I could stand in line for a huge event. Which I don't think is really fair to the panalist.

    I know you will always have lines, but by doing some of this stuff behind scenes you could greatly improve everyones mode when those times come around.

    And I've seen the look on the faces of the staff and goefers as the lines begin to know that these events are not exactly their favourite time of the con.

    So those are my thoughts. I'll prob find something else to say later.

    Cheers All,


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