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  1. I really want to see Girl Who Leapt Through Time (even though I've already seen it), but it's at the same time as the Media Blasters panel (and I wanted to hit all the big industry panels if I could), though (with all respect to Media Blasters) I suppose if there was an industry panel to skip, that might be it (no way I'm skipping Kadokawa, Funimation, or ADV, for example). There doesn't seem to be as many anime shows being screened that I'm very interested in this year than there was last year, so I'm not sure how much I'll be doing that. It seems this year will definitely be big on the
  2. Along the scheduling line...is there a reason for the huge holes in the Hall D schedule? Like, nothing before 11am on Friday, nothing before 1pm or between 6:30PM and 10:00PM Saturday, and nothing before noon on Sunday? Is this just a sign that those times haven't been scheduled yet, or are those "secret" things that we'll find out about when we arrive, or is Hall D actually not having anything going on in it during those times?
  3. Long story short, I'm going to start out near the airport too but I'm switching to another hotel later and would much rather to park near the first hotel...which is by the airport...and...the North Linthicum station has free parking? And is overnight? I won't get towed? 0.0 That'll totally solve my problem if what you say is true....!
  4. WOAH!!! What time will the fireworks be?!?!
  5. Hmm, This has been an interesting and relatively informative thread. My main thing about parking is that there may be panels rather late (aka after 11pm or so) which I might want to attend, but since my main mode of transportation is the light rail, I have to catch the lightrail by no later than midnight or so it looks like by the schedule. This basically gives me three options: 1) skip any late night stuff, like I did last year (this is my 2nd year going) 2) park on the days there is late stuff going on 3) take a taxi back to the hotel (or at least the light rail stop where I p
  6. I support the throwbacks 100%! Since it is the 15th Otakon they ought to do some retro anime for the tags this year. Personally, I'd love to have the original GITS logo for my badge.
  7. Well, last year on Thursday, after getting my badge, I went and ate and watched a movie at Arundel Mills (Harry Potter!), since I was staying in the BWI hotel district (taking the light rail up to the BCC). I'm staying the hotel district this year again (finally decided on where to stay) so I may be doing something similar again, unless someone organizes something which seem interesting enough to go to. Though watching a 2 1/2 hour movie that started at like 9:30 or 10 was a bad idea the day before Otakon started... That's one thing I learned from last year. Either manage my sleep
  8. They better have a Nice Boat one this year....
  9. One possible alternative for those who may not mind hiking to and from the convention center is the Baltimore Hostel. It's about 7 blocks from the center (and about a half mile from the nearest light rail station) on Mulberry Street. Parking is only $5 a night and it is apparently $28 a night for a dorm room (4, 8, or 12 beds a room) or $63 for a private room if you don't have a hostel membership. Has TV, air conditioning, WiFi, etc. http://www.baltimorehostel.org/ 7 blocks seems a little far to me to walk at night with a good walk from the light rail to boot to me, but I thou
  10. Twas my first convention as well. I think my Thursday basically went: - woke up around 9 AM - Left between 11 and noon - Drove for about 6 hours (was supposed to be five, but rain and traffic delayed me. if you can do the math, I hit Baltimore just about at rush hour) - checked into the BWI Microtel and hauled my stuff to my room - took light rail to the BCC, got my badge (only about a 30 minute wait here I think), went back to hotel (luckily the weather was fine when I got mine) - Went to Arundel Mills mall, ate at Chevy's (mmmm...) and watched the 5th Harry Potter movie (pro
  11. Last, last year hotel was probably approaching half my cost (my guess is a little over $300 of around $800 total I spent on the trip), so budget for other things was a little bit looser in comparison to that. I guess the only places at the convention itself that I really set any sort of mental spending limit was in the dealers room since one can go crazy in there. I think I tried to offset that by bringing a wad of cash with me and, with one exception, basically told myself that once the cash runs out, then that's it. As far as food and stuff, I brought breakfast stuff with me to t
  12. OK, I have 3 questions in regards to hotels. This is going to be my 2nd time going to Otakon, but since I'm going by myself and I'm not the richest person on earth, I couldn't sign up for one of the convention hotels in downtown myself. This leads to my first question (or actually pair of questions). One, when do people usually start looking for people to fill out their hotel rooms in downtown, and what is the typical arrangement (does it usually end up being packed rooms with 8, 10, 15, whatever people in it, for example), And two, if I was looking at something like staying in a roo
  13. So, when should one start looking out for those looking for additional roomies? I probably wouldn't settle on anything yet, just because websites like Travelocity and Hotels.com wont even let one search that far in the future, so I can't even find out what hotels outside of Baltimore look like yet. I just didn't know when people start collecting others to share in a room lol.
  14. IIRC, the place in question is known as a bit of a dive. Unless they've cleaned the place up some recently, you might want to look elsewhere.
  15. Give me an address, and I'll drive by and see how seedy the joint looks.
  16. So, is this the "I want to stay downtown but I'm too lazy to organize a room myself, so I'm looking for people who have already booked and are looking for roommates" thread too? Edit: I was also looking at hotels around the city too, just cause I want to keep my options open, and there doesn't look like there is much that a single person can get without paying over $100 a night (this past year I got lucky by catching the Microtel in Linthicum while they had a 30% off sale on hotels.com). However, I did see that the "America's Best Value Inn" in Towson, MD looked fairly inexpensive,
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