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  1. http://www.evageeks.org/ troll the forums and prepare the be ENLIGHTENED haha! (good luck)
  2. i am a sucker for love hina and would kill a man for some love hina merch... but at next years con i am goin buck-wild on T SHIRTS. As far as i am concerned as a human being you can never have to many t shirts and i plan to test this hypothesis starting next year. Give me a Vash, Naru and Keitaro, Lain, Asuka, Ed and Ein, Naota-kun, Battle Royale, Chiyo-chan, Nagi, Ninja Pizza Cats, Kiki, Mai, or Maya shirt anyday. I also have a passion for artwork/posters and (not to step on the artist alley's toes) but would like to see more wall scrolls/ posters from older series. I brought
  3. Revengel, i never thought of it that way and i am glad you chimed in. I appreciate your point of view and i have to agree (even though i'm upset i didn't get to see your Priss + motorcycle cos, but that is neither here nor there). I guess i was just worried our little convention would turn to mainstream and then like everything else, get slapped with too much promotional flim flam from pepsi or coke or something, and then turn into something it's not. At its core, otakon is beautiful. Anime really hasn't "caught on" and it is even frowned upon in the circles that i experience in my small c
  4. everyone keeps referencing deathnote and i have yet to see it... guess i have to get on that. (and i had no idea the crow deamons were there, but thank God they were)
  5. I agree with you all, Halo will probably be out in force next year...for no real reason other than that it is easy to cos. I have "borrowed" supplies from one of my contracting jobs and i just might build a sheet metal, full body eva unit 01 outfit for 08'...see if i can't win me some prizes (haha). I might even go as Iron man...for no other reason than i wore it at comic con and it was a huge success (if you haven't seen the trailor, try to find it online, it's incredible). But i want it to be known that i have a BLAST at otakon this year and i guess it is saying something that
  6. I'm not hating on Naruto...and far be it for me to say that i don't enjoy me some Bleach, but what gives? 07' was chock full of more orange jump-suited ninja and soul society clones than i could take. I understand these shows are popular, especially with the "Adult Swim" crowd, but damn...can we broaden our Cos-play horizon? I pray i don't get flamed/ outcast for this, but seriously, Naruto is played out (...believe it.) I couldn't walk 3 feet in the dealer's room without being force-fed Naruto merch, and the artist alley seemed as if Naruto truly does possess the ability to replicat
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