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  1. We ended up with one of those cool $1 bills stamped "Otakon 2008" as a result of getting change from buying something either in the dealer's room or the artist's alley, does anyone know where those came from? We only noticed it after we left the con on Sunday.
  2. I would definitely like to see more recycling available at the BCC, instead of having to just trash my aluminium cans and plastic/glass bottles... Maybe if the BCC obtained some of those bins like they have in a few spots outside the BCC, where they have a bin that lets you separate trash from glass/plastic/etc.
  3. Does anyone know what hotels are on the otakon site? When i tried searching for rooms for 4 people Thurs-Sun, i came up with no hotels, and 2 people only 2 hotels came up... It sounds almost like there are only a couple hotels setup already. I know most years the Sheraton (old wyndham) doesn't fill up right away... I'm a little worried I won't be able to find a room for next year...
  4. Otakon merchandise! Both my wife and I bought the Otakon T shirts (the artwork was awesome this year), and i bought the blue polo shirt. Does anyone know if otakon is considering selling the long sleeve button down shirts in the future like they did several years ago? We also bought some buttons and prints from the Artist's Alley which were pretty cool.
  5. As I mentioned in my post in the Feedback forum, this year was one of the best i've had at otakon (my 8th year going), and definitely the smoothest. Way to go Staff!
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