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  1. BTW - I was one of people running the Anime Recruitment panel. I was wondering if anyone reading this thread had any feedback on our panel? Any reviews for better or worse and any comment and criticisms would be appreciated. I felt that any panel that was not an industry panel stated and ended on time. I really liked the Podcaster round table and the putting the man back in Manga panel. They were very well run and darn entertaining.
  2. Agreed. Also, I was majorly disappointed when the Angsty Teens and Giant Robots panel was cancelled. What the heck? I hope there was a good reason for that one - and also for the State of Otakudom (it might've been a different one, I can't remember properly) that was randomly cancelled. We sat there for twenty minutes until some staffer came on stage and told us that they didn't show up. Lame. :?
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