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  1. Friday and part of sat for the fma photo shoot, i was Edward with the awesome arm and i never wear my red jacket an Al was with me also. i know iv seen pics of me online but i would like more... reference of me and al :! http://parrots4life.deviantart.com/art/Who...-SHORT-94587172 and also princess sakura from tsubasa the rest of sat and sunday reference: http://parrots4life.deviantart.com/art/Pri...Sakura-94583549 anybody see us? i know we got stopped more than like 20 times XD
  2. its a tough decision with only 3 days!!! ahhh! Well i always cosplay Edward Elric because i love my automail and apparently so does everyone else... lol Princess sakura from tsubasa chronicles. Wore it this year and i didn't get to show it off as much as I'd have liked to.. And im still deciding if i really want another cosplay, something cute and very pretty that i would have fun working on... but anywho...! I DEF need to meet some tsubasa cosplayers next year!!! T_T to think its over a year away...its depressing...
  3. I Attended the Fullmetal alchemist photo shoot on sat. as Edward and it was very disorganized. Everyone just kinda did random things and we were slowly merging under the overhang so no one from the balcony could see us. Everyone was in a circle so it was difficult to get pictures or get your picture taken. I was kinda just standing there like...whaa??? It would have been better if everyone just stood against the wall and then took turns. Everyone kinda broke up into their own groups. Im not one to run a photo shoot but we should have had a better plan ^^; i got more pictures taken of me just
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