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  1. Nothing really too amusing/interesting: Leonard Testarossa from Full Metal Panic John Brown from Kuroshitsuji Mugi from K-ON!! Although, I haven't gotten around to actually watching FMP2ndRaid.. I'm just wearing it 'cause my sis is doing Tessa.. ._.;; (FAIL) Maybe I can do a crash course in the coming week or something...
  2. Xoee

    Uh... who?

    I've seen a few Chads when Bleach just started getting popular. But yeah, not a whole lot suprisingly compared to all the Bleach cosplays there are. I'm cosplaying a character from the MMO Florensia. Probably can't even count it as a character.. just the magic knight class in general. I don't expect to get recognized, but I'm having hella-lotta fun making the darned thing. (which I seriously need to consider finishing by tonight.) @@
  3. Definitely Rufus ShinRa at least some time during the weekend... Always am. @@; The rest is sorta up in the air.. xD As in, I don't want to start working on something and then go "OMG, must coplay that instead!" Did that about 5 times this year. ._.;;
  4. Attendence- $55 "Hotel" - $0 Food- $10 Transportation- $0 Merchandise- $25 - $30 That's about $90 total..
  5. I noticed it up there on Saturday.. I just assumed no one took it down from the year before.. x|
  6. High Wizard with an Alchemsit, Solid Snake in his Zombie/Scientist camo equip, Sweeney Todd, Mrs. Lovette and the Mach 5 on Saturday. Rufus ShinRa, with a Reno, Long-haired Elena, Red-hooded Reaper (The World Ends with you) and a repossessed Mach Tim on Sunday. xD Oh, and also on Friday, my bro was dressed as Tom Baker Doctor. He had the Jelly Babies. I saw the Sanosuke wielding the large sword! I didn't have my camera most of the weekend though. How big is that thing?
  7. Xoee

    Cosplay Stats

    Naoki Fujieda (NANA) - 75% need to dye pants again and make a vest. Get accessories if I still have time. @@; High Wizard (Ragnarok Online) - 60% Need to finish adding details to the cape. Make belt, gloves (Hope to gawd I can get them to fit this time), and construct the wand. Rufus ShinRa (Final Fantasy VII) - 99% Just re-wearing it from last year.. Just need to remember where I put those gloves. o_O; Aaand the point on my sewing needle is bent.. this may take a while. x[
  8. OMG dude.. I would Looove love love to join. xD I was one of the fools dancing in front of the Bandai booth last year for the longest time (yet miraculously managed to avoid being filmed onto YouTube ) I'll have to see what my party thinks of this, yes... We know the Short and the Full-length versions. Should we be keeping track of the Haruhis, Yukis, Mikurus and Kyons/Koizumis so it's not inbalanced, or am I thinking too much into this..? xD
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