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  1. Ever try to kill a bug that just won't die? I just tried to kill one crawling up my curtain and I swear I smooshed it like 20 times and the damned thing kept moving! ...I eventually got him and now he's swimming with the currents down the drain.....^^*
  2. Alright...started on the hard parts of my cosplays! Yay for JRock cosplaying! ^^
  3. At least you'll be well for your senior pics...I had an ear infection and a hundred degree fever when I had mine taken. That's why one should never swim in Six Flags' swimming pool. *nodnod*
  4. I almost was killed by an aluminum bat tonight.... ...and the cost to repair my laptop (since the hard drive is almost dead) is over $300....T_T
  5. Man......I have to go to work....T_T I need a new job...anyone know of one?
  6. Okay, so what if I'm thin skinned....>> It's a little chilly today, so I've got my blanket wrapped around my feet....^^*
  7. Finals are OVER! No more classes! No more mean old lady English teacher....and I passed Algebra!! Bwahahahahahaha!
  8. Cool, actual rules...thanks ^^* I don't know why I'm still up...I have to get to work at 6 tomorrow morning....T_T Why must a place of retail be open that early? The insanity...>>
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