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  1. I made a video last year which includes it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWAFB3mpLMY ...it's at the end of the video... 5:09
  3. well you should be able to make one of the contest showings... there's one showing each day.
  4. I'll let you know after this weekend. I'm planning on making reserved seating happen for the main AMV showings for anyone who submitted to the contest (this year) (regardless of making the final cut). But I need to talk to a few folks first. I'll let you know after saturday.
  5. All, There is an AMV Contest pre-screening happening this Saturday (July 5th), if you're close to the Philadelphia area (more specifically: King of Prussia, PA) and are interested in helping screen the contest, please PM me. We will start at 10am (July 5th; this Saturday) and we have about 8 hours worth of videos to watch. Room is limited, please PM me for details and to see if we have any open spots left.
  6. Okay so let address this, so I don't have to keep answering this question again and again.. If you uploaded or mailed your entry before the deadline, you video was "submitted" assuming you filled out the form. If we can't play back the video or encode it, Vic will contact you. So everyone stop worrying. We got over 100 videos... once Vic has tested and encoded your video he will contact you. Keep in mind we have over 100+ videos to deal with and each one will take time. If you haven't heard from us already, you will within the next 2 weeks or so. The first pre-screening isn't happeni
  7. deadline has past. contest entry is now closed. hopefully this is not news to any of you. we got a lot of entries this year, thank you to all who entered.
  8. You should receive and email as soon as Vic has retrieved and checked your entry.
  9. No one private messaged you? okay, I will make sure someone does. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. If you're submitting by tape, include at least 15 seconds of black leader before your video starts. If you're submitting digitally then no.
  11. Thanks a lot!! Sorry for being paranoid. When I was transferring it, it timed out a few times. The final time it said it was successful, but I just want to make sure, ya know? ^^0 I understand, I have been on the other side of contest before. =) ...info should be coming your way, one of us will contact you soon if it hasn't happened already.
  12. I will find out where your upload sits in the queue. Let me get back to you.
  13. As a creator I've struggled with this myself. ...but also being someone who judges these contests... I always go with how it most feels (throughout the video)... if it feels angry (because it's angry, not because you hate the video for some innocuous reason); it's drama if it makes you sad; it's sentimental if it's romantic... and sad it's romantic/sentimental if it's fast paced, has violence and not very happy; it's action if it's medium to fast paced and some form of happy then it's upbeat ...the list can go on... mainly think about your intention and see how it ma
  14. I agree. All good points hackerzc. Have fun, try your best and if you're proud of it, enter it in the contest! The contests over the years have become competitive. Being on both sides of the fence someone who helps run these type of contests and someone who has entered, competed and even won awards... people sometimes put too much of their ego and pride on the line for a little recognition. Stay grounded, have fun and participate. I think John explains it well. Follow his advice, it's worth a read at the very least.
  15. Schala, Sorry I didn't get back to you till now. 1. The policy has been we don't allow submissions of videos that already have been submitted to OTAKON in previous years. 2. Submit it as is, if we have an issue with it, we will contact you and/or ask you to remove the dedication.
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