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Found 4 results

  1. Make your guest requests for 2023 here!
  2. So who would guys want to see next year at Otakon 2020? Some of my choices are... -Spike Spencer -Alejandro Saab -Daman Mills -Christine Marie Cabanos -Billy Kametz -Tia Ballard -Brianna Knickerbocker -J Michael Tatum -Brandon McInnis -Ben Diskin -Kayli Mills -Sean Chiplock -Monica Rial -Micah Solusod -Crispin Freeman -Megan Shipman -Amanda Winn Lee -Aaron Dismuke -Ricco Fajardo -Lindsay Seidel -Brittany Karbowski & -David Wald
  3. Hello, everyone. I'm thinking about attending Otakon either tomorrow(Friday), Saturday or maybe both. It'll be a "last-minute" decision in my case... I'd like to meet Kari Wahlgren in person and Richard Epcar. I may expect long lines with these two. On Friday RE's auto session last from 2-3pm? And KW's from 4-5pm? What if it there's more people than the allotted time Otakon posted on their schedule? I hope I can meet both Richard and Kari in one day tomorrow. These two will be like "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity like JDF(Jason David Frank, the Green/White/etc. ranger) back in 2012. Any advic
  4. For next year's Otakon (2015), there are a few people I would like to see be invited. To all of the Otakon staff, these are the following people, and groups that I would STRONGLY CONSIDER inviting for next year: Dub Voice Actor: - Bryce Papenbrook - Cherami Leigh - Todd Haberkorn - Cassandra Lee Morris - Josh Grelle - Alexis Tipton - Kirk Thorton - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Jamie Marchi - Monica Rial - Caitlin Glass - Stephanie Young - Brittney Karbowski - Matthew Mercer Music Acts: - Linked Horizon - Kalafina The names that I typed in bold are the ones who I most w
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