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Found 5 results

  1. Otakon gets a lot of good guests, but bless them, Otakon isn't very good at letting us know that a group of guests is here for the same reason until the panel schedule comes out, haha. When they're here for the same show or property, I like to try to watch it before going to the con. So looking at the guest list, these seem to be some things common between certain groups of guests. I'm sure I've missed others, let me know if you noticed any that I missed! Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy XVI Delicious in Dungeon The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic
  2. Make your guest requests for 2023 here!
  3. So who would guys want to see next year at Otakon 2020? Some of my choices are... -Spike Spencer -Alejandro Saab -Daman Mills -Christine Marie Cabanos -Billy Kametz -Tia Ballard -Brianna Knickerbocker -J Michael Tatum -Brandon McInnis -Ben Diskin -Kayli Mills -Sean Chiplock -Monica Rial -Micah Solusod -Crispin Freeman -Megan Shipman -Amanda Winn Lee -Aaron Dismuke -Ricco Fajardo -Lindsay Seidel -Brittany Karbowski & -David Wald
  4. Hello, everyone. I'm thinking about attending Otakon either tomorrow(Friday), Saturday or maybe both. It'll be a "last-minute" decision in my case... I'd like to meet Kari Wahlgren in person and Richard Epcar. I may expect long lines with these two. On Friday RE's auto session last from 2-3pm? And KW's from 4-5pm? What if it there's more people than the allotted time Otakon posted on their schedule? I hope I can meet both Richard and Kari in one day tomorrow. These two will be like "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity like JDF(Jason David Frank, the Green/White/etc. ranger) back in 2012. Any advic
  5. For next year's Otakon (2015), there are a few people I would like to see be invited. To all of the Otakon staff, these are the following people, and groups that I would STRONGLY CONSIDER inviting for next year: Dub Voice Actor: - Bryce Papenbrook - Cherami Leigh - Todd Haberkorn - Cassandra Lee Morris - Josh Grelle - Alexis Tipton - Kirk Thorton - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Jamie Marchi - Monica Rial - Caitlin Glass - Stephanie Young - Brittney Karbowski - Matthew Mercer Music Acts: - Linked Horizon - Kalafina The names that I typed in bold are the ones who I most w
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