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Found 4 results

  1. The tradition is back hons. This is a thread by this faerie where Otakon goers can announce their presence for the 26th Otakon (25th anniversary edition). The format in which members should reply has been pretty much the same over the years, but I like to throw in a new ? with every new roll-call. 2019 is no different. The format is: PREFERRED NAME: HOMETOWN: # OF OTAKONS ATTENDED The BONUS ? for 2019: What was the awesomest or most unique cosplay or crossplay you have seen and/or worn at an Otakon? Please note that J-fashions (lolita/ouji, gyaru, fairy-kei) are excluded unless part of a character costume like Shinku or Ciel.
  2. It's back hons! This thread is a place where Otakon goers can stay ahead of any potential troubles getting to or from the 26th Otakon. I'm opening the thread early because the con is a little sooner in 2019, but also because Metro are about to consider one of FOUR different options concerning operating hours. They are: OPTION 1: Maintain current hours (Mon-Thu 5:30a - 11:30pm / Fri 5am - 1am / Sat 7am - 1am / Sun 8am - 11pm) OPTION 2: Revert to pre-2016 hours (Mon-Thu 5am - MIDNIGHT / Fri 5am - 3am / Sat 7am - 3am / Sun 7am - MIDNIGHT) OPTION 3 [Alternative 1]: Reduce weekend morning service, and increase late night service w/weeknight single tracking (Mon-Thu 5:30am - MIDNIGHT / Fri 5:30am - 3am / Sat 9am - 3am / Sun 10:30am - MIDNIGHT) OPTION 4 [Alternative 2]: Add an hour to Fri. & Sat. night and Sun. morn, but also increase weekend single tracking (Mon-Thu 5am -11:30pm / Fri 5am - 2am / Sat 7am - 2am / Sun 7am - 11pm) Each of these options will have an effect on how Otakon goers get around on Metro. More on this story as decisions are made.
  3. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Updated Unofficial Otakon Discord Invite Link

    Hey all! So it has come to my attention that the previously posted thread I had posted about a year ago with a link to the unofficial Otakon Discord server has expired, so here's the new one that won't expire: https://discord.gg/JR7xGKe See anyone that wants to be there, there!
  4. Otanon

    Hotel Room

    Hello Con-Goers!! We booked a suite for Otakon at the Convention Center Cambria Hotel with two queen beds for two nights. The room is female only while the living room with the pull-out couch is co-ed. So we don't have too many people we're going to have about four people in the room with two girls to a bed at 250 each, or 400 if you'd like a bed to yourself, 200 for the co-ed room so either bring a cot or rotate for the pull-out bed. We might be able to bring a cot so let us know if you need one! Room has Refrigerator, Two TVs, WiFi, Wheelchair accessible & Bathtub, and is booked for three nights starting Thursday, and is $50 extra if you want to stay for a third night starting on Thurs. Ride shares also available from the Tri-State area Service dogs welcome!