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Found 4 results

  1. bigstevegearhart

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

    These are videos I do every year to help supplement information of where to go for good/cheap eats and various information and con tips. Keep checking back for links to see the latest video. This year, starting off with "How to Keep Safe". Hope these videos help! Part One: Part Two: Pre-Otakon Tip Video -
  2. Welcome hons to the Roll-Call Thread! It's a tradition of mine to offer this for all the Otakon goers that will grace the convention floor. This being the 25th Otakon, I thought something fine was needed. So with that, here are this year's parameters: NAME: HOMETOWN: # of OTAKONS ATTENDED (including this year's, if applicable): BONUS (Your favorite anime that you first saw, and/or was announced, at the Otakon): I think that's fine enough. Be good until then, and we'll meet again in August.
  3. Hey there! anyone cosplaying from miraculous ladybug!! would be interested in forming a private photo shoot group with me? My self as ladybug but all other characters including Marianette are up for grabs ! alternatively !! I'm also helping to scout for OTABUG https://www.facebook.com/events/310883512773763/ so thats just basically a free for all and all are welcome!
  4. UzumakiWarlord

    Guest Request: 2015

    For next year's Otakon (2015), there are a few people I would like to see be invited. To all of the Otakon staff, these are the following people, and groups that I would STRONGLY CONSIDER inviting for next year: Dub Voice Actor: - Bryce Papenbrook - Cherami Leigh - Todd Haberkorn - Cassandra Lee Morris - Josh Grelle - Alexis Tipton - Kirk Thorton - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Jamie Marchi - Monica Rial - Caitlin Glass - Stephanie Young - Brittney Karbowski - Matthew Mercer Music Acts: - Linked Horizon - Kalafina The names that I typed in bold are the ones who I most would want to see be invited next year, and would STRONGLY CONSIDER bringing in. Caitlin Glass, and Monica Rial especially. Those 2 ladies haven't been there in YEARS!