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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all and congrats on a successful otakon 2017 with the move to Washington D.C. I thought I would get a jump on things with a panel feedback thread where we can share what we all thought of this years panels. Panels I did First off I want to thank everyone who came to my panels this year, and I was blown away by just how many of you found my panels to be interesting and I hope to improve on them in the future. 1- The Biology of Dragons and Monster girls- I have to add that I found the answer to one attendees question and that an ammonium chloride and barium hydroxide reaction will freeze water so if Yuki's sweat contained them it could freeze. 2- Anime Anatomy- I felt that I could have done a better job with this one 3- Teaching with Anime- Wow just wow thank you to everyone who came out and I'll make the slide available in some fashion should any teacher want them. Also if any teachers have any questions about teaching with anime, teaching overseas, or teaching just shoot me a line. Panels I went to 1- Mechapoalypse- Decent and I like mecha so nothing much to say here 7/10 2- I cyborg a study of parallels between fictional and nonfictional cybernetics- The presenters were clearly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject, but their presenting skills left a little to be desired. I would have liked to have seen more comparison between the fictional and real cybernetics to the liven the panel up a bit. Also perhaps a bit more on how the real world cybernetics work would have been nice. 5/10 3- Sake 101- loved it 10/10 4- When Moe goes bad- It was interesting to learn about the origins of Moe, and I left half way through as I was falling asleep 8/10 5- Lipstick and superpowers the femininity of Jojos bizarre adventure- it was a very good panel that I could have gotten more out of if I have actually seen the show- 8/10 (but more if you know the show) 6- The beautiful backgrounds of anime- I was lucky to get a seat and I loved the panel. It was really cool to learn about the often ignored background art and artists 9/10 7- fantastic beasts and where to fight them- its Charles Dunbar need I say more his stuff is always gold. 10/10 8- How to write about Japan- It was interesting but I left part way through as it seemed it was talking more about the authors than writing about Japan, but there were a number of good take aways if you could read between the lines 6/10 9- Mecha or how I learned to worship the gundam- I love mecha and my friends do this panel so I'm a little biased but I highly enjoyed it. They did a nice job of including some non Gundam mecha 10- Spies in anime- an interesting topic but there was a lack of enthusiam by the presenters and not enough preparation 11- Japanese car culture, anime and the art of the drift- great topic, great presenters, but they need to prepare a bit better as it felt like they were in the middle of reworking the panel and didn't finish in time. Also there was a lot of info crammed in which I loved but it was hard to follow at times as a non car guy, but I did enjoy myself a lot. 8/10 12- Edo era anime- interesting panel by well prepared presenters 9/10 13- Yokai Nation- Charles Dunbar again 10/10 So let me know what you guys think of my panels and anyone else. Lets keep this helpful and informative so we can all improve the quality of fan panels.