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Does a Modified costume, run under the same pretense as an original costume, or can said modified costume still enter the hall costuming contest?

Example of Modified Costume:

Tifa from Final Fantasy 7

Making the pixelated version from some in game cutscenses or doing Premium Heart (final weapon) and adding another prop for say a different type of "theme".

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If the character is only modified in small ways, such as changing props, etc, to portray a particular version of the character, then the costume should be alright for entry. Keep in mind that accuracy to the original character is a factor in judging, so be sure to bring as much reference material as possible regarding your variations.

If a costume depicts a totally different look than what the character looks like, especially to the point that the character is unrecognizable, it runs the risk of losing points during judging, or even disqualification due to it becoming an original costume.

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