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Random Thought Thread~Finishing from Circle Two

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So, it has taken me a long time to come to this conclusion, yet finally I can say it. That said, Shadow is the coolest hedgehog ever. Sonic almost takes the top spot being the only other super speedy hedgehog, but shadow has a much cooler design and can do chaos control at will.

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I've always wondered why my friends eat chicken boxes in the morning...

I just got owned in Halo 2 and man I really want to watch Totoro right now

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I only ever play social because ranked ends up annoying. It's nice and dandy if you win, but if you have a bad game it can eff up your rank and the rest of the team's rank and that happened too much in Halo 2 with my friends who played WAY too much and cared about their rank online way too much so it just got annoying.

But yea, go ahead and add me, I like playing with people I can babble at. :D

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I got a new gamertag, but I can't post it here cause it's too offensive. :wink:

I love NYC! So, yesterday I was in times square and I see someone being followed with a video camera, so I'm thinking, "oh I wonder if they're going to show that on tv, I want in on that!" I run back and it turns out to be GENE SIMMONS from kiss! I pushed everyone out of the way and got a bad camera phone pic with him, but you can still tell its him. He was playing with my earrings too, so I pretty much got molested by kiss!! YES!! :D

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lol greg nice weekend. and meredith wants to know how far you got with that colleen girl.

I am not pants. That is all.

I'm wearing pants, I'm just not pants. Because I am an american.

and baseball makes me sore. wtf. time to go to bed so I can wake up too early and go to work.

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