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Masquerad and Hall Cosplay Contest....what's the differnce??

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Hey....I'm new to the whole cosplay contest thing and what not...never did it before at any convention. But my biggest question is...what's the difference between a Masqurad and a Hall Cosplay Contest? I don't know which one to enter in. And as far as my outfit goes, one of them I'm partly making from scratch (mostly alterations and making things from scratch) and the other one has only one item I'm making from scrach...

does that have a lot to do with which one would be best for me? Please help! Thanks! :(

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In a nutshell, the Hall Costume Contest involves judging based on craftsmanship, while the Masquerade involves judging based on craftsmanship and performance on stage.

For both contests, the costume you enter should be made by you. Anything that is not actually made by you will not be eligible to be judged.

Basically, if you want to do a judged walk-on, skit, or performance on stage, the Masquerade is what you want to enter. If you just want to make a costume and have it judged, the Hall Costume Contest is what you want.

The Hall Costume Contest will also have a Catwalk during the Masquerade. The HCC Catwalk is simply a series of walk-ons during the Masquerade, and you are in no way judged during the Catwalk.. it is just a way of showing off your work. It is mandatory for all Saturday HCC participants, and optional for all Friday HCC participants (unless you are also in the Masquerade).

Or, if you are feeling ambitious, you may enter both the Friday HCC and the Masquerade, but you cannot enter the same costume in both.

I hope that answered your question.

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