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Dealer's Room wishlist(s) for '08.

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Anything Sailor Moon of course. I always keep my eyes out for Moon-tasticness!

I also wanna buy a bunch of DVDs. I haven't been building my non-anime DVD collection because my boyfriend has a HUGE DVD collection including an ever growing blu-ray collection so when we move into together it'll be our shared collection so I don't see the point in my buying any non-blu ray DVDs. Anime, however, I don't see coming to blu-ray until it's considered the norm, which I know wouldn't be for years, so I can stock up on THAT as much as I want. I definitely need to bulk up my anime DVD collection.

And I still really want a bento box. A really cute one. Maybe pink ^_^

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The main things that I want to find before I get anything else is

Mai-Hime PSP game

A Shizuru Statue of some kind be it Hime or Otome.

A Statue of Nadie and the second OST for El Cazador

Those are my Main things. other than that

Anything Sailor moon, Fate/Stay Night, Mai- Hime/Otome, Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha, Shakugan no Shana, Fushigi Yuugi.

Also any Drama cds or reg cds from the series that I like. and any DVDs that are a pretty good price. or if it's a series I can't find.

Stuff like that.

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I want to add to my list now.

Beach towels

Man panties (boxers)

Game system covers like DS and PS2's


Big plushes

Lamp covers

Theres more but the first 3 I would like more than anything.

Ill be searching for them. Especially the man panties!

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Guest lovetalkgirl
I actually wasn't that impressed by the dealers room. I like the flat rate deals though. My friend and I are from NYC, so many of the things at the Dealers room we kinda see at the city already...

Yeah, I remember this one vendor was selling manga five bucks a book. I bargained with this chubby little Asian dude to get four Initial D's for $12. ^^V

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