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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Fan Panel 2007 Feedback!

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This is kind of late but, after Otakon I've been getting some feedback back vise email and those that attended from Genvid.com for my panel- Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Fan Panel. I would love for you all here to share your thoughts and suggestions about the panel, so I that I can better the panel each time I run it.

I plan to return again for a 3rd time at Otakon next year and hope to run this panel and my other panel Naoko Takeuchi fan panel then. (Side note- I'm thinking of running a Hana Yori Dango Panel for the live action next year, but I need to play again with this idea a little more. I want to not only cover the movies and tv series of the live action but want to cover how close the live action versions are to the manga. I'll start a thread on this soon.)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.