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Akatsuki cosplayers?

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=D Uh yeah I was just curious but for next year, whos cosplaying as Akatsuki members? I personally am cosplaying as Hidan with a mini version of his scythe.

Any Akatsuki cosplayers here and is there going to be a photoshoot?

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Human version of Shadow The Hedgehog will be cool to see ^_^ but yeah, Akatsuki is pretty awesome, so you can bet at least 80 people doing it, lol.

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My amazingly hot boyfriend and I are going to be Akatsuki members... On Friday, I'm Konan and he's Itachi...and he's like one of the best Itachis ever too... -sighs- All myy little fangirly fantasies have come true...

Sunday we're Deidara and Tobi. And he's being Itachi on Saturday, but I'm not going into the details, you'll just have to wait and see, now won't you?...

I've actually scheduled an Akatsuki only photoshoot for Friday at 6:30(right after the regular photoshoot), so let's just hope Cosplay.com posts it. I guess that means I'm technically in charge of it too, huh? So um, yeah... pm me for details, or go to the regular Naruto thread here, or whatev...

And we're still looking for a few Akatsuki cosplayers for the group I'm putting together for Friday(or if Sunday if better for you, by all means, hit us up then...).

Friday, like I said, I'm Konan, he's an amazing Itachi... and we got a pretty freakin sweet Pein, and Sasori to join our little group so far too.

Sunday..so far it's just me and him as Deidara and Tobi..and maybe our Pein, I'm not actually sure, I'd better go call him and ask, lol.

So yeah... looking for all the other characters!!!

Remember, photoshoot, Friday @ 6:30, 4th floor, right after the generic Naruto shoot!!! Be there!!

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