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When I first started coming to Otakon back in '03, I had a meticulous budget that looked something like this:

Room: $100 for 4 nights split between 4 people. (This was back when I could get the tremont plaza rooms for $89/night :angry: )

Registration: was like $45

Food: $15/day = $60

Dealer's Room + Artist Alley = $150

Travel costs = $25 ($100 fuel split 4 ways)

2003 budget: $380

Jump ahead a few years and a new career as a Nuclear Operator....

Room: $570 for 4 nights split between me, myself, and I (this is staff discounted...)

Registration: Staff

Food: Staff + $50 randomly going out

Dealer's Room + Artist Alley: anywhere from $20 to whatever my bank account numbers are (enough to buy whatever I want if I feel like spending it XD )

Travel: $150 for plane ticket from Detroit, $50 fuel to get to Detroit and back, $45 parking in Detroit

2008 budget: $885 - $1500 (honestly I can't see myself spending more than $600 in the DR/AA)

The biggest difference between 2003 and 2008 was in 2003, I had planned to come under $400 which I did. 2004 I started gofering to offset costs. Then later on it was just because I liked to help as money started becoming a non-issue which is where I am today.

I would say the biggest cost increases would be hotel and fuel rates. Hotel rates jumped approximately double while fuel is almost that much of an increase as well. It kind of boggles the mind that it has done so in only 6 years.

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FOOD? Who spends money on food when you got manga to buy! /sarcasm

I spend little on food since I need to limit my food intake anyway. I'm on a super tight budget of 45 dollars unless I get some more cleaning jobs. Luckily my BF is paying for the room. Damn....I'm thinking of pawning my CD burner. It's worth it.

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Well, my bf and I live in the area, so that takes hotel and major travel expenses out of the way. As far as pre-reg, parking and lunch/dinner/after Iron Editor drinks/whatever, my bf has that covered. *^ _ ^* So I have about $300 budgeted for DR/AA/whatever if he's not around. (Plus we have a big change jar that we were going to cash in for Otakon. *^ _ ^*)

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I determine my spending money (dealers room, art, etc) by the amount of change and bottle deposits I have saved over the past year (last yeas was $165, this year will be more) and whether I win our IRC channel's Thursday night poker game (which I did win last year, giving me an absurd $320 in all for merchandise).
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I spend like 300 in Dealers room and AA I've actuly been buying more in AA because I can come back home to Delaware and buy DVDs for cheaper than I find in the dealers room ._.

the rooms 250

gas will be like 30 but thats fome DE I don't really like asking for $$ form the people I take >_<;

food... um I try not to guess I always go to Edo atleast once. I find food oter ways after that.

um Cosplay breaks the bank so I won't count that XD

I don't really have a budget. I pay what needs to be paid. but I plan day expencis like swag and food to about 400$

i don't want to add anythign up I might cry XD

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Guest Hpnotiq115

i normally dont spend more than $200 for the whole weekend.

I live close by, so i dont have to pay for a hotel. I get dropped off, so i dont pay for parking. I only eat lunch (cuz i'll b eatin dinner at home, n i dont eat breakfast) so it'll b about $10 a meal (so about $30 at the max for the three days)

i hope to spend less than $100 at the DR. i'm not much of a bog spender and there r only a few choice items i want..so yea ^^

like i said, about $200 MAX!

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Glad to see my budget is not that different from everyone else. Prolly end up spending more than $700 this weekend between the hotel ($200), food ($100), gas/tolls ($80), registration ($65), and the DR ($250). One important thing I learned from this thread is to FIND A FRIEND WHO LIVES IN BALTIMORE for next year :wub:

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Im not gonna have much cause i just went for a job interview yesterday, so prob bout $100. my ma wont give me alot and i have some saved up so oh well.

One day i will go and have atleast $500 on me. Maybe i can make that my goal for next yr.

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