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I actually had a few questions regarding the masquerade. I would like to enter an original anime skit for this year but this will actually be my first time ever doing so. I was wondering about the audio files, how everyone goes about recording the voice acting and such? As well as what programs you use? Things like adding in different clips of music/sound? Any information would be really appreciated.

Hope to get some replies soon! ^__^

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Program-wise, you want to look for a program that can handle multiple tracks of audio... that way you can mix sounds, like voices over music. The de-facto, professional program of this type is Pro Tools, but it's also extremely expensive. I recently helped a friend with her soundtrack using Nero SoundTrax, which is part of the Nero Burning Rom CD/DVD burning suite. It too is also not free, but you can find it for really cheap from time to time.

There's plenty of other options, but the key is to have something that can do multiple tracks... so you can lay sounds on top of each other. Another option, if you have it, is to use a video editing program, such as Avid, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc. since they can also handle multiple audio tracks.

As for voice recording, there are a ton of ways to handle it. One of the easiest ways is to just plug a microphone into your computer and recording using the aforementioned audio mixing software. If your computer is rediculously loud, or the room you're recording in has a lot of echo, it doesn't work as well. You can taking care of the echo by recording under a heavy blanket... kinda as if you were hiding. It looks rediculous, but sounds won't bounce when surrounded by a heavy fabric.

Whatever you do, avoid the habit of trying to "pre-edit." Put plenty of pad between your section of lines so it's easier to piece together... you're going to have to whether you like it or not. Also, avoid the temptation of placing your entire group around a microphone and recording all your lines at once. You wouldn't do that at the actual Masquerade, so don't do it when you're recording either. Record one person at a time so that you can place everyone properly in front of the microphone.

If you're worried about continuity between lines, you can have the other members not recording around just to blurt out their lines so that the person in front of the mic can respond to it. Just remember to give liberal pauses so their lines don't overlap with your recording. And don't forget to record their lines later.

Recording is the foundation for good mixing... so don't shortcut this part. Experiment, try things out, but remember these things take time. The more time you put into it, the better result you'll get.

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For a program for the recording and editing, I highly recommend Audacity.

You can have multiple tracks playing at the same time.

(Music and Voices)

It's also pretty easy to figure out.

Oh, did I mention it's free?

Even better.

Here's the link:


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Thanks so much for everyone's helpful input! I'll be sure to try those tips and check out those programs you all suggested. It's actually kind of funny I have audacity on my computer and use it ALOT but never thought to use it for a masq skit. ^_^ Thanks again!

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The program im currently using to rip and record the files for an upcoming masqerade skit is called MIXPAD, a free tool i got off the internet, i found it by searching for free audio mixing software in google, so good luck and see you at the masqerade ^_^

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