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The Invincible Dai-Gurren-Dan!

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i am gonna try to make time skip Simon with the star visor thingy. but i will only be able to do it if my moms sewing room is set up by like may. (we are currently finnishing the basement most of it is done) and if i do get it done i will have annother coat to add to my collection! yay

i joined just to say that lol

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I will be there as Adiane the Elegant. :)

Also, if you check out the Otakon forum at Cosplay.com, there is a thread recruting GL people for a photo gathering.


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I will be having a TS Viral costume with me if I can finish it in time for Otakon. X3 Im kinda excited about it, so I really hope I can get it all finished up. In theory I MAY have a few other characters running around with me, but we aren't quite so sure yet ^-^;

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