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Again VideoGamesNewYork will be at Otakon.

This year even with more japanese imports and with a bigger selection of retro games.

As always we ask everyone to tell us what yo want to see, to buy etc.

Please feel free to give us an update on your request and in what yo would like us to bring there, especially less known games. Every year a lot of you ask for dating games on ps2 and psp. What would you like to see? Any limited edition, regular edition, ps2, psp? Remember we don't sell computer games, only console.

Would you guys be interested in us having a panel?

Let us know.


202 East 6th street

New York, NY 10003


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Hey, I'd liek to see a few Wii modchips/freeloaders at the con this year as well as the newer bleach games for the Wii. Another must (as you probably know from the screen name) are teh M3s or anything of the sort. the new Wii narutos look pretty cool too. For the other consoles, I'd personally like to see classic Japanese style RPGs. but thats just me.

Please post a product list soon! =D

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I would really like to see these titles at the con especially sunsoft collection and quarantine i also wondered if you sell flip tops for the slim ps2 thanks.

- Sunsoft Collection

-The King of Fighters Nests(NeoGeo Online Collection the Best)

-The King of Fighters Orochi Collection (NeoGeo Online Collection the Best)

-dot hack quarantine [english version]

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How about some Super Robot Taisen K action for DS? Dying to get that game!

I'd also like some Saturn and Dreamcast fighters, like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Vampire Chronicles, and just as many fighters, in general, from both of these amazing systems!

I'd also be interested in picking up a Saturn console with the 4-in-1 action replay peripheral, 'cause my white Saturn is hanging on its last legs!

Also, how about some Strategy RPG's for the Saturn and Dreamcast, as apparrently, I missed out on quite a few! Were there any hentai games for the Saturn that you have, as well?

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I wouldn't mind seeing some import PS3 games since most of them work on US PS3's. Some of the sports games like Konami's baseball games like Pro Yakyu Spirits would be welcome.

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k guys. few things.

First .. stop asking mods, i mean ... really, it cannot happen and it will not.

Limited Edition consoles

We try but lately they fly so fast and they never get to Otakon. Hopefully something will come out that make sense to import in June, July.

List of Games

A little to early but we will post something few weeks before the Con.


We will bring more stuff, including 2 big surprises DUX for Dreamcast, including some the 500 limted edition copies, and an exclusive reprint of Last Hope for Dreamcast with pink bullets and an extra stage. It is VideoGamesnewYork exclusive for the U.S., we just sign a contract with them.

Please let us know exactly what you like to see retro because 1 booth will be exclusively dedicated to that.

Limited Edition Games

We will have a good amount of it


Come on, we always have it... and by the way we will bring some Japanese wii system too ()at PlayAia prices, so don't complain).

Nobody asking fighting sticks??????

We are direct with sanwa, any interest in buttons and sticks?

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Any chance of seeing the Dreamcast version of Skies of Arcadia or the Saturn/PS1 release of Silhouette Mirage?

I would also be interested in a panel if you guys decided to do one.

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Didn't I spend ENOUGH with you guys at Katsucon? (I was the guy who bought the sealed copy of .hack//QUARANTINE) XD

There's one game I'd like to get, but sadly, Macross Ultimate Frontier won't be out before Otakon...

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By any chance, will you have a copy of Famicom Mini: Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels?

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Silhouette Mirage: we have few copies left of silhouette mirage ps1 sealed (3 or 4 left so don'r wait to long). I beleve they are 49.99

Panels: hey, don't ask us we apply every year but they never accept it, so ....

Remember all fighting aficionados: we are going to have tons of Hori stick ps3 and 360 and a good amount of Sanwa parts to customize you stick. We are very low on JLF-TP-8Y-SK and we may no be able to restock before Otakon, so if you want one come on friday morning or they are going to be sold out.

All the other parts we shuld have enough.

If anyone want to reserve something please do it now and not at the last moment. If you reserve before the 14th we will have it ready for you at the show with your name.

One more things: Please check our Dux for Dreamcast, we are trying to help independent video games realease and this is a good one. The game room for sure will have it and we will have running at the booth too.

Thank you for all your support


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Last year, I bought a PS1 bootdisc and it works perfectly, will you guys have one for Playstation 2 or Wii?

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