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Official return to the Otakon BBS.

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Hey everyone,

I have officially returned to the forums. Today was my last day in the program that helped me with my disability and in my opinion, it has helped me greatly. I hope I can become a contributor to this forum again as I was before I left for the program. I am going into job training on April 7th for Office Tech/Adminstrative so I won't be on much until I graduate from that program.

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Yo, dude. Welcome back. :angry:

Hope we'll see you at Otakon this year. If you get a chance, PM me. I wouldn't mind chatting with you again when we can find time.

Thanks Sandy! I hope I can make it to Otakon this year, haven't pre-regged yet because I don't know if the job traning program I'm going to be in will work around Otakon. I hope I'll find that out next Thursday (April 3rd) so I can know if I can pre-reg for Otakon and hopefully be a TCG this year.

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