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Possible Difficult Cosplay Piece O=

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Y'know, I recently finished Code Geass (and am eagerly awaiting the second season xD) and I thought to myself, "How cool (or rather awesome, as the costume would KILL me in august DX) would it be to cosplay as Lelouch/Zero? Only problem with that idea? The FREAKING helmet!

As far as I can tell, you'd need nothing short of a professional manufacturer to make one of those, and theres nothing even close to buy and use as a substitute!

Anyone have a comment on this downer of a dilemma? xD

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Get an old Bikers helmet and make the attachments out of a harder styrofoam or clay, then attach, and spray paint where needed, heed this warning though, before spray painting styrofoam it is necessary to coat it with a primer, because it naturally eats away at the stuff like sulfuric acid would human skin.... @_@ gah..

hope this helps

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