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Otakon Gameshow Survey #3 is active

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The third Otakon Gameshow survey is up at http://www.cjas.org/limesurvey/index.php?sid=35535. Survey #3 runs until June 1st.

Survey #3 features several survey questions supplied by respondents to the previous survey.

For those who missed the first two, the Otakon Gameshow will have a Survey Says category where the responses are based on surveys filled out by the online community.

We want to get as many responses as possible (to make the answers statistically meaningful) so please take a little time to fill out the survey and spread the word to your friends.

To thank you for your time in filling out the survey, we are running a raffle from all the survey responses. On the first page of the survey is a space to enter your email address. When the survey expires, we will randomly select from all the email addresses and pick a winner. There will be a prize drawing for every 100 responses we receive so the more responses, the more winners.

We will post winners and some sample results at our blog at http://otakon-gameshow.blogspot.com.

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I'm glad people are having fun with the surveys. We do try to come up with interesting questions (which of course are more entertaining in the game show itself). And we are getting some pretty diverse answers in

Unfortunately, we do ask that you don't submit more than once as we want to keep the statistics from getting too skewed.

Thanks for the vampire suggestion, TnAdct1. We're getting very good responses for this and it has a good chance of making it into the gameshow.

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